Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Remember This The Next Time Someone Says That The Health Care System In Canada Is Superior To Ours

Nothing against Canada in general. Their bacon isn't really bacon but it's not exactly ham either.

Also, when the Canadian Premier of Newfoundland needs something serious done, he knows where to go. America.

While neither the premier’s office nor other official outlets in Canada would disclose the location of the hospital where Williams received his treatment, sources indicated it may have been in Florida. Regardless of where in the US the surgery was performed, the fact that a high-ranking Canadian government leader would forego receiving medical treatment in his own country and travel instead to the United States to be treated in a health care system that is not yet controlled by the government, has created somewhat of a PR embarrassment for advocates of Canada’s government-controlled system. It really shouldn’t be an embarrassment; and it certainly shouldn’t surprise anyone.

As to why Williams came to the US? On advice from his doctors. Quite the testimony to Canada's Government Ran Health Care.

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