Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brad Friedman and Eric Boehlert Keep Tracing The Woodgrain*

Via Dan Collins.

Noted white men Brad Friedman and Eric Boehlert double down on stupidity and hardcore liberal dogma but more than likely a mixture of both.

Patterico sweetens the pot by offering Eric Boehlert one hundred dollars ($100) for writing 10 words. In order for Boehlert to write "James O’Keefe posed as a pimp at ACORN." Hell, Donald Trump would write that if offered.

In order to do that, however, Boehlert would admit that he was wrong about O'Keefe. For the record, O'Keefe did pose as a someone who would take money from a prostitute after she performed her services. Now if that isn't a pimp, I'm not sure what is.

As for the 'exoneration' of ACORN in Brooklyn, I think the term is 'Shenanigans'.

I’m on a tangent -- back to the liberal mindset. Friedman, Boehlert, and even Keith Olbermann will never admit they were wrong about O'Keefe. That would violate their self held ideals that they are right in any and everything they do simply because they are liberals. And by being a liberal they are more intelligent and enlightened than conservatives.

Therefore starting the process where they end up circling the mental illness drain.

Because as liberals, they think they are more enlightened than their fellow conservative and their viewpoints don’t need to be challenged. When those views are challenged, they are by people intellectually inferior to them, so it’s not worth their time to bother with the challenged. And so on and so forth down the drain.

Case in point is Andrew Brietbart’s ongoing offer to sit down with Boehlert to watch the full, unedited videos of the ACORN stings. Something Boehlert would never do because that would mean he had acknowledged Breitbart’s argument has footing. Instead Boehlert is back arguing nuances like ‘Did O’Keefe dress like a pimp for the videos’ or ‘Are they racially motivated’. Boehlert and Friedman completely gloss over the fact that at every location, ACORN was more than willing to assist Hannah Giles and O’Keefe in setting up a whorehouse.  Not just any whorehouse but a house with underage, illegal immigrants performing the services.

It’s like someone criticizing Chris Hanson of destroying people’s lives with his To Catch A Predator series.

*The title comes from the book, Xenocide by Orson Scott Card. The character of Han Qing-jao is cured from her genetically engineered obsessive compulsion disorder that she thought was a gift from her gods. Even though she isn't 'compelled' to trace the woodgrain pattern in the floors by the gods after she was cured from her OCD, she's still driven to do so. Because it's her nature.

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