Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can You Give This Dog A Home?

This last weekend my wife and I went to a greyhound rescue to see their dogs. The organization was called Greyt Expectations. They rescue greyhounds from dogtracks and adopt them out. Most of them have been fostered and profiled for potential pet owners. The dogs are also screened to see how well they are house-trained, get along with cats and, most importantly, how well they get along with children.

They are anywhere between two and four years old when they are retired, depending on their career. And surprisingly enough, greyhounds are very docile animals. Being content to curl up in a bed and hanging out with their owners.

For more greyhounds who need a home, be sure to check out here.


  1. What a sweetie. I wish I could have another dog, but I can't afford it... the two I have are firmly against any new hires at this point.

    Plus, now that I'm single again, if I start adopting more dogs, I'm dangerously close to "crazy dog lady" territory.

  2. I had a gut feeling you would be the first to comment. :)

    We're in the middle of adopting one now..

    The good news is after they had their booth at the PetCo this last weekend, they did adopt out quite a few that they had.

  3. The way greyhounds are treated in the racing industry is abominable.

    Congratulations on your new pup. They are very sweet animals.