Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One More Conservative Out Of The Hollywood Closet

Via Speak, Dog! Speak!*

I've heard rumors about her being right of center but I think this pretty much confirms it. Janine Turner is out, promoting her new site, Constituting America. From their mission statement:

A renewed, rekindled enthusiasm and a patriot’s desire for the understanding of our Constitution begins with its accessibility. Challenging the mindset of those who consider our Constitution to be antiquated, is our mission. An enlightened America regarding her roots, her basis, and her thesis is the key to America’s pertinent survival. Americans have rights. Americans must have knowledge to understand them.

Constituting America’s mission is to reach, educate and inform the youth and all citizens through modern technology and modern means, because we must not let those who devalue freedom dominate the debate.

She's probably best known for her role in the show, Northern Exposure. She wasn't quite as blond then. She had more of a pixie cut.

*Which is one of the cooler names for a blog, in my opinion.


  1. Actually, she was pretty blonde when she debuted on General Hospital back in 1981 (or was it 1982?). In any, she's always looked great, regardless of hair color.