Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Case You Haven't Noticed. . .

. . . Blogging has been a bit light the past few days. Real world priorities have been taking place and hobbies like sitting in front of a computer reading current events have been taking a back seat.

One note of interest: The people who burned the effigy of Obama have been cleared.

West Allis police said on Friday that no criminal charges will be filed in the burning of a President Barack Obama figurine in a West Allis bar on May 15.

"The facts of the case do not support the issuance of any state criminal charges or municipal ordinance violations," Deputy Chief Jerry Ponzi said.

The West Allis Fire Department is checking to see if there were any violations of the municipal fire code.

The owner the tavern said the incident is being "blown out of proportion."
[. . .]
Since the video was released, Schoenfeld said her family has been getting death threats.

"I have to take full responsibility because it did happen at my bar," she said. "But it was not racially motivated."

The Secret Service was looking into the incident as a possible veiled threat against the president, but that investigation has since been dropped. [emphasis mine]

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