Friday, September 3, 2010

Forget Going Out To A Movie, Rent A DVD: It's Ten Buck Friday

I know what you are thinking, "Sure I can call up my girlfriend and go out on a date tonight" but wait. There's something better that that.

It's called Ten Buck Friday.

You can donate to a worthy conservative candidate for congress or governor instead of a date.

So if you haven't figured it out yet, it's called Ten Buck Friday and the concept is simple enough:

Conscientiously Conservative came up with a great idea. Each Friday she is donating $10 to a worthy conservative candidate now up to the November election. Several bloggers have joined the effort. Note that, if $10 is too much, do less, or do more if you can. The point is to get it on our calendars and in our minds – rather than putting it off for another time.

And if you are not sure who to donate to, Right Klik offers a poll to help choose. A sort of a guideline to follow, not really the rules. This week Ilario Pantano won [quoting Michelle Malkin].

Longtime readers of this blog and Hot Air know the extraordinary story of Ilario Pantano’s heroism. He’s the Marine sniper-turned-Wall Street trader who rejoined the military after 9/11, faced the death penalty for killing two Iraqi insurgents in the heat of battle in a terrorist-infested town near Baghdad, fought fiercely and successfully to clear his name, wrote the book Warlord chronicling his experiences, and defended other defenders who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way for their countrymen.

Come one. It's a worthy cause. And you didn't really have a date tonight anyway.

Thanks to Bob Belvedere for the reminder. And it's always good to throw Bob a link because he is very generous with linking back. Not to mention he's a heck of a blogger too considering he is living behind enemy lines in The People's Republic of New England.

Bob, The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall.