Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cleaning Out The Bookmarks Of Random Videos For A Sunday Evening

Or. . . Been out of the loop for a few days trying to post something to make up for it.

Grand Valley State University may not have a Big Ten team like Michigan or Michigan State but they have something that neither one of them has. A Lip Dub club.

GVSU is also minutes away from Lake Michigan so there is that benefit with geography too.

For years if you wanted to go to Vegas from Arizona, you had to take the two lane highway across Lake Hoover Dam. Now with a 4 lane bypass just built, it cuts down the travel time for the people in a hurry to lose their money.

And you can see how the bridge was built thanks to the wonders of time lapse photography.

Keep this in mind to start your day out on Monday morning. Donuts can help improve your memory and focus for the day. I knew they were brain food.

Finally, none dare call it an Astroturfed event.

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