Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is A Third Party Possible?

Donald Rumsfeld once said that, "You got to war with the army you have."* Well, we are in this election with the candidates we have. And no, I'm not talking about Rand Paul or Christine O'Donnell.

I'm speaking more along the lines of Eric Cantor** and other Republicans who were in office when the Republican growth of government happened and who did nothing or very little to stop it.

And if he's not careful, he'll find himself in the minority of a third party that will emerge out from under his feet.

*And he got into trouble over it although I don't know why. Other than saying the dreaded 'W-Word'(War. For whatever reason, the word ties a liberal panties up into knots), what exactly was wrong with what he said?

**A quick note to Eric Cantor: I've been hearing your election ads on the radio. Just so you know, it's not just jobs. It's about creating wealth. It's about fostering an environment that's friendly to start ups and businesses so they can grow without much regulation. Last thing entrepreneurs need is the heavy hand of Big Brother on their backside, picking their wallet.

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