Monday, January 10, 2011

The Biggest Brother Passed Away

Dick Winters-- who became a household name by the book and HBO mini-series, Band of Brothers-- has passed away.

From what I've read about the man, he seemed to have been a very humble and gracious fellow. To the point where he didn't want a lot of fanfare for what he did in World War II. It was just his duty.

It makes me wonder if Maj. Winters wouldn't have wanted much attention called to his passing. So it's just as well that the media maelstrom has centered over the shooting in Arizona* rather than over him.

He will be missed.

*Not that he would have wanted the shooting, only the media's attention diverted elsewhere. The shooting is tragic, in and of itself.

Added: If you have yet to read the book, Band of Brothers, do so. It's a front row seat into the theater of World War II in Europe. The mini-series is worth watching as well. Surprisingly faithful adaptation of the book onto the screen. There is some condensation of events, mostly for time allowance and dramatic purpose but it didn't take away from the greater story of Easy Company.

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