Friday, January 7, 2011

Video: The Moron Who Banned Happy Meals In San Fransisco

Swiped from Gator Bait-- Uh-- I mean The Daley Gator.

It's sad commentary for modern day journalism when The Daily Show is able to do a more probing and in depth story than the MFM where it's their job to dig abuses of power like this.

Stick with it towards the last half. The City Councilman can't quite square the circle of what he did when he was asked about making everyone else in San Fransisco to watch "Super Size Me".

There is an email going around (I'm pretty sure I've received close to a dozen copies of it from my parents alone) about how conservatives and liberals do things differently. If driving SUVs is hazardous, Conservatives don't drive or drive one with caution. Liberals want to ban them for everyone. Smoking tobacco? Conservatives don't smoke while Liberals want to ban it for everyone. Incandescent light bulbs not as efficient as fluorescent? Conservatives would let you chose to use whichever bulb you want while Liberals want to ban the incandescent bulbs. And fast food for kids is bad so, well, you get the idea.

Yes, he's not banning Happy Meals outright. He is, however, placing enough regulatory hurdles in front of McDonalds so that they won't offer Happy Meals anymore.

Worse yet, he's a busy body who is shocked to find out that fast food is unhealthy so what does he want to do? He tries to be the parent to the population.

He's a nanny stater type of liberal who believes that because his beliefs are supposedly the better than everyone, then everyone needs to follow his boneheaded philosophy. It's obviously not. Not when he's trying to regulate people's behavior through their lunch menus. He takes it upon himself that he knows better than the masses so he's telling them how and what to eat. He's smarter than you because he watched a movie.

I'm throwing in an obligatory "Yes, I know fast food is junk and not really good for you" here. Most everyone knows that. With moderation, it won't hurt to eat fast food once or twice a week. Check with your personal physician first but most diets are about calorie intake and exercise. And not treating diet as a noun but a verb.

The times I hit the McDonald's drive through with my kids, it's for convenience sake, not because I'm looking for a 'healthy meal' for them.

Besides. I hate McDonalds. Wendy's and Chick-Fil-A is a much better alternative.

Related enough: Very fat man is suing the National Health Service (NHS in England) for "letting him" blimp up to almost a thousand pounds.

At his heaviest Paul was eating 20,000 calories a day - ten times what a normal, healthy man should consume - and the cost of caring for him is thought to have hit £1million [Pounds Sterling, about $1,500,000 in US dollars] in 15 years.

If anyone, he needs to sue the person who brought him the food when he became bed bound. As it is, no accountability for his actions. Only blame for someone else.

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  1. The video is a riot. How did that guy ever get that interview?