Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bush Derangment Sydrome Still Going Strong? The Deuce You Say!

Two years after Pres. Bush left office, some people still have to let the hate burn. The video clip is at The Blog Prof.

Maybe the cold fire of disdain for their version of Emmanuel Goldstein keeps their mind off of their own self-loathing. That and how Bush sold as many copies of his memoir in two months as Clinton did of his in six years.

What I think really pains most liberals is that they never had a chance* to try and impeach Bush the way Clinton was impeached. An eye for an eye.

*Or the courage. It would have been over the Iraq War** involving who knew what intel and when. From what I've seen, Bush's staff kept everything on the up and up with the checks and balances in Congress. So it would be show trials more than anything. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi knew what the White House knew going into the war. No matter what they say today.

**Or more accurately, the Global War on Terror's Theater of Operations in Iraq. Nuance.

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