Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Watched Parts Of The Movie Zeitgeist And Didn't Even Get The T-Shirt

Robert Stacy has a copy of the video up. It's a bit out there. Especially with the Christianity stuff. It sounds more like the Number 23 Enigma than anything else.

And anything that questions how 9/11 happens needs to be seriously scorned.

The movie did have an impact on Jared Loughner (quote found at the link above):

“I really think that this Zeitgeist documentary had a profound impact upon Jared Loughner’s mindset and how he views the world that he lives in.”

Most of the movie seems to be a "Rage Against Those In Charge" diatribe. If it's political at all, it is to the point of anarchy. Not the pseudo anarchists who are really socialists but real life anarchists who want no rules.

Except that anarchy can never happen. Pretend that actual, no rules anarchy broke out overnight. True anarchy. It would be every man for himself. Someone will always step up to take charge of the situation. A man or woman with a big gun will emerge to control part of their block. Then larger groups will form in the hopes of self-preservation. And so on and so forth to the point of gangs and clans starting to control large swath of territory.

Self-governance will happen of sorts. A clan will form with their rules and impose them on the population they can control. Until another clan or gang can move in to take over the territory. If anarchy broke out

Why a gun? Or whatever weapon of choice at the time? It helps to control order. It's why a well armed society is a polite society. Everyone is on equal footing.

Anyway, anarchy seemed to be the general direction that the makers of the movie wanted to go. That's what I got out of it, at least.

I didn't watch the entire movie. It was one of those things-- like Coast To Coast AM-- that if it starts making sense, you've listened to it for far too long.

The movie is extreme, to be sure. Extreme to the point where it may even go all the way around the political spectrum into left wing territory and the state (some sort of provisional government would need to) controlling everything and the absolution of private property. Why isn't this in the news as part of Loughner's motive? If he had issues with reality and Giffords was his personification of government to him, it wouldn't of mattered what her political party was.

Yeah, I know. It didn't fit the narrative that Conservatives are bad.

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