Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Video: Vindictive And Hateful Fat Man Actively Edits Quote From Michelle Bachmann

This isn't just a selective quote or two, they snipped the audio quote in such a way, there couldn't be any question as to what their intentions were. To try and smear Michelle Bachmann.

I'm sure they knew that a video like this would emerge in order to correct the record but that obviously didn't stop them from playing it in the first place. They have to give their acolytes* some red meat, no matter how untrue. who hang onto every word. And even if you were able to show them the quote in context-- the one without the deceptive edit-- they wouldn't care. It would be brushed off with a comment like, "She means violence in her heart", "She lies all the time so it's OK." or something else to that effect.

Didn't there use to be standards at one point? At least the illusion of standards?

*Is acolyte too strong of a word to use? To me, the meaning conjures up images of members of a cult, all with the same haircut and clothing.

On second thought, that sounds about right.

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