Friday, March 18, 2011

Hollywood: We Love The Troops! As Long As They Are Fighting Make Believe Enemies

With as many enemies that America has, why would Hollywood need to resort to aliens if they wanted to make a 'Love Letter' to the Marine Corps?

I first heard about Battle: Los Angeles last year while attending Comic Con in San Diego. As you can imagine, there were quite a few projects being hyped that weekend and, honestly, I didn’t pay too much attention to this particular film. Why? Because, when it comes to projects that feature our military, I’ve been let down too many times before. My first reaction is typically, “Here we go again.”
[. . .]
As the release date neared, I was torn. Do I go see the movie, take my licks and try to enjoy the action aspect of it or do I give it a pass? I decided on the latter. I was not going to pay good money to go watch my brothers and sisters get crapped on again.

Then, last week I read an article in which Aaron Eckhart talked about the film:

“This movie, in my opinion, is meant to be a love letter to the Marines. We had their full cooperation. They had my full cooperation. I tried to get it right. I think this movie is very reverent towards the military and reverent towards the ranks, both the officers and the Marines and the grunts. I don’t see how any Marine can see this movie and feel like they’ve been at all taken advantage of. I think this is going to be an oo-rah moment for them.”

That's fine. I enjoy movies with Marines being bad asses because Marines are, well, bad asses.

But why limit them to fighting blue markers where the effects would be filled in later? Have them kicking butt in the Middle East where there is a real war with real people who hate us instead.

Hollywood can't do that. They can't even finish making a movie without changing out the main villain. Instead of China attacking the US this go around, the producers are switching the bad guys to North Korea.

Yes, they are really changing it so that we are invaded by North Korea. So, as [Little Miss Attila's] husband points out, they are going to make it The Mouse That Roared.
Yes, North Korea.  The one without the lights.

I'm aware that North Korea isn't too keen on the US but are they in any shape able to position themselves for an invation?  I don't thing so.  Not without some serious backing with another country three backing them financially.  *coff*China*coff*

Maybe they like aliens because they can use bigger explosions in the movies.

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  1. Even with all the gold China and Soros could give N.K., they couldn't manage to defeat S.K. in a straight out war! Any invasion by N.K. on anything will be much like the war when it raged there, mostly Chinese and Russian fighter pilots and mostly Chinese soldiers. From my understanding, the troop strength there is numbers only. The average soldier is almost as underfed as the citizenry. They would have trouble defeating our Boy Scouts, seriously.

    I have to wonder, how much Chinese infusion of cash was needed to get that movie redacted? Were threats involved? Look, the Chinese, and even Russians, have always been mob types. The Chinese, while seemingly poised to greatness, have about as much chance of becoming a super power as Cuba. Fiction and lies. But their thuggery remains.