Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apologies For The Blogging Absence

Have had quite a few balls up in the air and the blogging ball finally landed for a short while.

All it took was the bombing of Libya and Charlie Sheen going on a sold out tour.

I'm moving across town but there is no internet set up at the new place yet. Just at the old place.

Anyway, something occurred to me about the Democrats in Congress. Are they really Chessmasters?

I kept seeing people ask, "Why are the Democrats in Congress doubling down on stupid? Don't they realize that they will lose control of the House and maybe even the Senate?" last year, long before the election. Then the time came for Congress to pass a budget. Nothing. The can was kicked down the road.

Did the liberals/progressives in Congress see far enough into the future to realize that the Republicans would take over and they were purposefully leaving them a House in chaos? It seems like it now with the Continuing Resolutions going on. And with each Resolution being passed, Democrats can claim that Republicans have "cut too much" or some other crap like that. Knowing that if a budget or a CR isn't passed, a government shutdown would be likely. That would be the cudgel that the Democrats could use against the Republicans in the next election.

They passed ObamaCare, knowing it will cost them control in at least one-- if not both-- part of Congress so when the Republicans took over, they would be in a bind with the budget.

In all fairness, however, all it would take is one 'Chessmaster' on the liberal/progressive's side. All the rest of the Democrats are a collective mindset who would follow along like cows following along the Judas Goat at a slaughterhouse.

I know, I'm using at TV Trope as an example but I it was the best example I could thing of.

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  1. In general, Democrats are not smart. What they are is stubbornly determined to have power over the rest of us.

    For most of human history, some people have enslaved others. In general, people like controlling and enslaving other people. It tickles our pride.

    Christianity makes it clear that such behavior is wrong. Thus, with great difficulty, our Christian forebears ended slavery. Nonetheless, the inclination to this sin remains deeply embedded within our souls.

    To yield to the inclination to enslave others indicates an absence of wisdom, if not intelligence. Why? What we own owns us.

    When a dictator seizes power, he must spend every moment watching out for the knives seeking his back.

    When a community owns slaves, that community must constantly fear an uprising, the morning that will find the slave masters dead in their beds.

    When a nation allows slavery, that nation becomes a house divided. It's slave population will work only when forced and cannot be trusted to bear arms.