Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If The Undercover NPR Video Was Such A "Non-Story", Then Why Is Everyone Suddenly Resigning? UPDATE: Did Vivian Schiller Break A Few Laws?

Morning Joe at MSNBC deemed it a "Half minute news story", if only to spend the half minute demeaning the story as to why it's not a story.

If so, then why did Vivian Schiller follow in Ron Schillers (the target of the video, no relation) footsteps and leave NPR?

NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned, NPR just announced.

This follows yesterday's news that then-NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller (no relation) was videotapped slamming conservatives and questioning whether NPR needs federal funding during a lunch with men posing as members of a Muslim organization (they were working with political activist James O'Keefe on a "sting.")

Vivian Schiller quickly condemned Ron Schiller's comments, and he moved up an already-announced decision to leave NPR and resigned effectively immediately. But Ron Schiller's gaffe followed last fall's dismissal of NPR political analyst Juan Williams, for which Vivian Schiller came under harsh criticism.

They say one thing in public and another in private.

Update Via Insty: Is the sting video the real reason or did Vivian Schiller break a few laws in order to scare monger children into thinking Sesame Street will be going off the air keep her juicy federal funding?

NPR and PBS stations nationwide are rallying their audiences to contact Congress to fight against Republicans’ proposed spending cuts, but some affiliates’ pleas may violate laws preventing nonprofits or government-funded groups from lobbying.
[. . .]
The ad campaigns are a direct response to House Republicans’ push to eliminate all Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds for the rest of the fiscal year. Democrats have fought the cuts and President Obama asked for $451 million for CPB in his 2012 budget request — a $6 million increase.

But lawmakers and conservative critics argue the stations are breaking two laws, one that prohibits using taxpayer-funded grants to petition Congress for more taxpayer money and the other that bans nonprofits from doing much lobbying of any kind. [Emphasis mine]

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