Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Video: Stunning Undercover Footage Of National Public Radio Executive Talking About How NPR Is Liberal

Video via The Daley Gator.

Of course NPR is walking back from this, saying it's "edited" (Of course it's edited. The lunch was two hours long. Do you want to hear four people chew their food? Because if you do, the video in it's entirety is found at James O'Keefe site) and saying that they knew the fake organization was just that. A fake.

To which Larry O'Connor asks this:

As this story continues to unravel on NPR they are going to need to explain how the could definitively state to the public that they repeatedly refused the large, anonymous donation from MEAC yet at the same time, were “vetting” them. Why would you vet an organization from which you were repeatedly refusing a donation?

More accurately, NPR was trying to track down it's sizable donation and when they realized they had been 'Punked', went into spin mode to cover their collective buts.

Anyway, the best part of this is that Shiller-- reading between the lines with all of his talk about "Intellectuals" obviously considers himself to be one-- has been punked.

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