Monday, March 28, 2011

They Told Me That If I Voted For John McCain That There Would Be An Escalation Of Undefined Wars Over Oil In The Middle East . . .

. . . And they were right!

Yeah, the headline. That's all I got.

More: By all indications, the rebels in Libya fighting against Kadaffy seem to be backed by Al-Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood. This is were you root for injuries rather than sides.

Update: Linked in the sidebar by P & P Blogging Factory and at The TrogloPundit. No alternative name based on a 90's hip hop group for him yet.


  1. Interesting, although it might be more complicated. I hate getting on the side of the communists, but no doubt it's tough all around on this one.

  2. Then go with the Ann Coulter Doctrine. Take over the country and convert them to Christianity.