Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weinergate: Calls For Resignation From. . . Nancy Pelosi?

Via Drudge.

When Nancy Pelosi says that it's time for Weiner to go, he won't be long for his time in Congress:

Three weighty Democratic voices -- including Nancy Pelosi -- on Saturday called for the resignation of embattled U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, who has been under fire after admitting to inapporpriate communications with women online.

The House Minority Leader, and the chairmen of the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in separate statements called for Weiner to step down.

The New York congressman has resisted calls to resign.

Makes me wonder if they know something that isn't widely know publicly yet and try to put some distance between themselves and Weiner:

Pelosi has asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate whether Weiner used any government resources. He has said he does not believe he did [Despite one picture of Weiner where he is obviously in his office. Ed].

At least nine House members and three senators said Weiner should resign. He has repeatedly said he would not.

Likes rats abandoning a sinking ship.

What does it say about Weiner when even Pelosi wouldn't associate with him? Potential flirty with a 17 year old girl would do that.

Is it too soon to go with this?

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