Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newt-- The Candidate Who Sucks The Air Away From The Real Candidates-- Suffers A Setback

Like the Black Knight said, "It's just a flesh wound."

Top aides to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich have resigned en masse, Fox News has learned, imperiling the Republican's 2012 presidential campaign at a crucial time.

Among the senior staff members Gingrich is losing are spokesman Rick Tyler and campaign manager Rob Johnson, along with other strategists. Insiders say Gingrich and senior aides were unable to agree on the direction of the campaign.
[. . .]
Gingrich ran into trouble early on when he bluntly criticized House Republicans' plan for overhauling Medicare. He has since walked that back, but disagreements continued to fester on his team over the message and strategy of the campaign. Aides said the team was increasingly concerned Gingrich did not appear willing or able to put in the time needed to run a viable campaign. In one clash, they had begged him not to leave the trail for a Mediterranean cruise with his wife -- advice he ignored.

It goes on to say who is leaving for which campaign. So their question is in judgement to start out with for joining Newt's campaign. How sound is their judgment in joining Tim Pawlenty's?

You know who this benefits in the end? Herman Cain.

I'm going off of memory, speculation and an assortment of Old Wives Tales and internet rumors (so you know just how accurate this will be). But in order for a candidate to have access to their election campaign funds, they need to be declared and actually running for that office. Then they can pay themselves a salary from the warchest. In between election years, it needs to be locked.

Hence Newt's announcement and his disconnect in actually running a campaign election (as highlighted by his decision to take a Mediterranean cruise). I think he has had a few large donations from the typical deep pocket Republicans too when first started. All to keep him afloat with Someone Else's Money.*

*So I might be a little jaded when it comes to Newt.

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