Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weinergate: The Top Ten List

So it's come to this. Almost two weeks of Weinergate-- one week of him denying anything and the second week of him finally admitting that it was him after all-- and the worst of the worst picture was leaked. No, not a direct link but a link to a link. That way, it's up to the viewer to decide.

So here in the inevitable List Of Top Ten Things Said About Anthony Weiner's, uh, picture. From the home office in Shaftsburg, Michigan.

10. Gone from sex scandals to sexting scandals.

09. He takes those Congressional Briefings very seriously.

08. Possible campaign slogan, "Weiner for 2012: All my issues are laid bare."

07. I guess he's all for transparency.

06. Standing firm on the issues of the day.

05. How did Breitbart convince Weiner to take a naked picture of himself?

04. [Insert your own Weiner joke here]

03. Does anyone still believe #hacked! anymore?

02. He poles well with impressionable women and gay men.

And the number one thing that was said about Antony Weiner:

01. Who knew that Anthony Weiner was such an upstanding member of Congress?

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