Friday, March 30, 2012

Video: Bill Whittle And The Merchants Of Despair

Whittle not pulling any punches here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Video: Exposing Voter Fraud In Vermont

James O'Keefe and Co. is back and brought a brand new investigation about their attempts to vote in the Vermont primary.

One of their best yet. The video is juxtaposed between voting and trying to order a drink at the bar and checking into a hotel without ID.

My favorite line so far from one of them trying to order a drink without a driver's license: "So you're following orders. Historically, that defense doesn't do so well."

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rush Limbaugh To Former Sponsor Returning With Hat In Hand: "Pound Sand"

Rush may have lost some sponsors with his "Sandra Fluke is like a slut" comment but what hasn't been reported is that there are plenty of other companies looking to advertise on Rush's show still.

And one more company that thought better of it and asked to be back in the good graces of advertising on Rush's show again.

Rush Limbaugh has rejected an advertiser’s apparent attempt to reunite with his show after the company initially dropped its ads from the program following his remarks about contraception advocate Sandra Fluke.

The company, Sleep Train, calls itself “the No. 1 Bedding Specialist on the West Coast, and most recognized mattress retailer in the region.”

In an email to Sleep Train President Dale Carlsen (obtained by The Blaze), a representative of the show says that Limbaugh personally considered the company’s request, but denied it considering its public comments following the controversy.

“Thank you for your requests last week and this week to restart your voiced endorsement in local markets of The Rush Limbaugh Show,” the email begins. “Rush received your requests personally.”

“Unfortunately, your public comments were not well received by our audience, and did not accurately portray either Rush Limbaugh’s character or the intent of his remarks. Thus, we regret to inform you that Rush will be unable to endorse Sleep Train in the future.

“Rush appreciates your long friendship and your past support, and we wish you good luck in the future.”

Thanks to Deb for the video suggestion.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"He'll Be Back And He'll Be Millions"

Bob Belvedere has done a yeoman's job of consolidating many of the blogosphere's tributes to Andrew Breitbart. Please do go check it out.

Thannks to Da Tech Guy in one of the comments at The Other McCain's place for the title.

"Politics Is Downstream From Culture"

A happy culture warrior passed away way before his time last Thursday.

Andrew Breitbart-- activist, provocateur, citizen journalist, husband and father of four-- is gone. I'm halfway waiting for this to be some sort of Andy Kaufman type prank that James O'Keefe is behind.

But this isn't about how Andrew died. It's about something I've heard him say several times in various speeches. That "Politics is downstream from culture."

That phrase sat in my head for a long time, like a itch on my back that I just couldn't scratch. Until this past Superbowl I saw this commercial that made it sink it:

And at the end of the commercial, there is Flavor Flav sitting in the dudgeon with Elton John. Flavor Flav rose to fame as part of the militant rap group, Public Enemy.

So the guy who helped the group to perform this song:

Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant ---- to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Mother---- him and John Wayne

Now has had several shows on VH1, MTV and is a current pop culture icon.

The entertainment complex has decided to prop up a washed up, racist, militant extremist from twenty years ago as a mainstream pop culture icon for today.

And people wonder why Republicans have trouble shaking the old white guy image.

Andrew understood that. I finally got that. Republicans need to get this or they'll be swept off to the byways of history.