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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Proof People Magazine Is Brown-Nosing The Current Administration

To think, Rahm Emanuel was named one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful people. Are they pulling names out of a hat? Good thing they took Janet Napolitano's name out of the contest first.

And Tim Geithner? If you gave him a green coat and sat him in an oversized chair, he would look like an elf.

UPDATE: Tim Geithner is no Aurthur Kade. But it does help to have a brother on the staff of People Magazine.

Welcome readers of P & P.

In Other News, Water Is Wet

She's Miss California.

What would you expect? It's part of the prize of winning the crown in California. Some sort of scholarship, maybe a new car and a boob job. Or some other elective surgery. Maybe.

WASHINGTON, D.C. April 29 -- Revelations that Miss California USA pageant sponsors paid for Carrie Prejean's breast augmentation procedure have prompted a group of Internet activists to organize an investigation of the prevalence of silicone implants in the pageant industry.
"This is an aesthetic disgrace and an unpatriotic insult to the fine tradition of American breasts," said blogger Robert Stacy McCain, a leading online advocate of traditional values who helped launch the Fake Boob Investigative Commission. "These pageant officials are displaying a widespread and harmful prejudice against small breasts that damages the self-esteem of millions of women in this country. Their claim to value 'diversity' is clearly false, so long as they effectively banish healthy American A-cups from their competitions."
Vowing to combat the misleading use of "fakies" in the pageant industry, the Internet activists announced a slogan for their campaign: "REAL PRIDE: EXPOSE THE FAKES!" The activists urge that pageant contestants with natural breasts publicly declare their unenhanced status, and "name names" of contestants whom they know to have had deceptive implant surgery.
"This isn't just about small-breasted women," McCain said. "Naturally large-breasted women are also being cheated by being forced into competition with these artificially enhanced frauds. It's the equivalent of illegal steroid use in sports."
McCain said that at least one former member of Congress has expressed interest in the issue, and that the Fake Boob Commission is seeking legal advice on whether the use of breast implants in pageants violates state or federal laws, including civil rights statutes.

I can only guess that it's not Bwaney Fwank.

Bob Barr, perhaps?

Swine Flu Sounds Better

From the 'Words Mean Things Dept.'

In the Oval Office last night as Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was sworn in, President Obama said, "we wanted to swear her in right away because we've got a significant public health challenge that requires her immediate attention, and that is the H1N1 flu outbreak."

H1N1 sounds more like an obscure droid from the Star Wars movies.

Better names for the flu strain can be found at Protein Wisdom. Best name so far? ManBirdPig Flu.

'Scare' Force One. Updated

The White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explains the misunderstanding why Air Force One* buzzed the city of New York in a clear and concise manner.

Meanwhile, countless of New Yorkers learn what the fabled 'Brown Noise' sounded like.

Imagine what could have been avoided if the administration decided to use Photoshop instead.

*The official report said it wasn't the real Air Force One but a different plane in the presidential fleet. I have my doubts about the story and I'm not the only one.

: An inadvertent slip-up? The plane isn't designated Air Force One unless the President is on board.

Thanks to Mr. Simon and Miss Attila.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Someone Is Telling A Fib

Reid, D-Nev., writes: "'That speech was phenomenal, Barack,' I told him. And I will never forget his response. Without the barest hint of braggadocio or conceit, and with what I would describe as deep humility, he said quietly: 'I have a gift, Harry.'"

Obama's 'Gift' that keeps on giving.

Thanks to Allah Twitter Feeds.

The Minority Of One That Stopped The Government

Via Legal Insurrection.

When the stimulus was being fought over in Congress. Democrats and Obama wanted some Republicans on board for, at the very least, a showing of bipartisanship. Actual input into the bill wasn't needed. There was enough votes on the Dems side to make the bill law. Senators Specter, Snowe and Collins stepped over to the other side to help with some measures. Three Republicans total out of the entire Congress.

Fast-forward to today with this from The Nation:
But former White House political czar Karl Rove and key congressional Republicans -- led by Maine Senator Susan Collins -- aggressively attacked the notion that there was a connection between pandemic preparation and economic recovery.

Now, as the World Health Organization says a deadly swine flu outbreak that apparently began in Mexico but has spread to the United States has the potential to develop into a pandemic, [David] Obey's attempt to secure the money seems eerily prescient.
A Wall Street Journal columnist and one Senator has somehow derailed the entire administration's response to the Swine Flu. John Nichols conveniently ignores the fact that contingency plans for some sort of epidemic have always been in place. There was one in place for the bird flu scare a few years ago. That could easily be modified for the swine flu if the administration need to.

The other fact about the Stimulus spending package that Nichols ignores so he can stand on his soap box and cry out that Republicans are evil is that many projects in the bill were spread over a ten year time span.

What he does have is the number $900 million on pandemic preparations. He has no clue how that money would be spent over the next ten years. If there were preconditions to spending or if the money could be used for something else if the need arise. Like having spent it all at the end of the fiscal year or lose the difference for the next.

Obama doesn't even have the head of the CDC in place. His nominee for the Health and human services isn't confirmed. It's been almost 100 days and he still has yet to fill several big gaps in his cabinet. The shift from campaigning to governing is proving to be difficult.

By the way, the White House might say that the Swine Flu might not be a cause for alarm but never let a crisis go to waste when you can use it to spend more money.

Legal Insurrection has more to ponder over.

UPDATE: Guess who else opposed the epidemic preparations? Chuckie Shumer

UPDATE II: What is to keep the Democratic controlled Congress and the Democratic President from passing an emergency measure for the 'Swine Flu Crisis'? It's not they can't whip out a spending bill in less than a couple of days and have it signed right away.

Watch The Crash At The End

And Carl Edwards was still able to get out and run across the finish line.

Best Take Down of Perez I've Seen

Steven Crowder posts on Big Hollywood about once a week.

At City Point

This was too good not to pass up. Shorpy Photo Archive has a few other pictures from yesteryear that are definitely worth the look.

Via Gabe over at Ace Of Spades.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Night Serial

I did the first session of 'Cowboy Bebop' a few months ago. The second session is way overdue.

The other two parts are below the fold.

Twitter Feeds As Evidence?

With as many people who did show up, a bad egg would have to appear eventually.

An Oklahoma City man who announced on Twitter that he would turn an April 15 tax protest into a bloodbath was hit with a federal charge of making interstate threats last week, in what appears to be first criminal prosecution to stem from posts on the microblogging site.

Daniel Knight Hayden, 52, was arrested by FBI agents who identified him as the Twitter user CitizenQuasar. In a series of tweets beginning April 11, CitizenQuasar vowed to start a "war" against the government on the steps of the Oklahoma City Capitol building, the site of that city's version of the national "Tea Party" protests promoted by [Actually, covered by, Ed.] the conservative-leaning Fox News.

Anyone was able to attend a Tea Party protest. If the organizers could weed out the neo-nazis, I'm sure they would.

UPDATE: A big thanks to the police and the FBI for stepping in and grabbing the man when they did. The Tea Parties wanted headlines. But not like that. I'll leave it to the peace demonstrators on how to use violence at their protests.

Friday, April 24, 2009

An Odd Assortment Of Neat, Keen And Geeky Items

Ever wanted to build a house to block the view of someone else's home?

Want to see some real earth movers? It's worth the look purely for size of this machine.

Click the picture to see what else is wrong.

With her very own stripper pole. Tramp Stamp Barbi!

Some new golf lingo has entered into the lexicon when I'm not even up on the old lingo. It's all new to me.
A 'Rock Hudson' - a putt that looked straight, but wasn't.
A 'Yasser Arafat' - butt ugly and in the sand.
A 'John Kennedy Jr.' - didn't quite make it over the water.
A 'Princess Grace' - should have used a driver.
A 'Princess Di' - shouldn't have used the driver.
A 'Brazilian' - shaved the hole.
There are a few more worth checking out.

Not sure how many grams of fat there is and I don't want to know. But a 1.66 pound hamburger makes me want go to the ballpark. The appetizer for a meal like that? The Bacon Explosion.

Don't bother unless you are serious about being funny. To the point where you deconstruct words for their maximum effect. What's funnier, 'fender' or 'bumper'? John Cleese of Monty Python fame helps out with ten points (Rules? Guidelines? Really, which is better?) for successful comedy.

A robot with the brains of a rat. Actual, literal brains of a rat (It was published last year but it's new to me).

And as promised. The geeky item. I requested Free Bird for the next tune.

Thanks to Ace for the Bohemian Rhapsody video.

West Bank Park?

Is this hate or humor?

I can do without the laughtrack myself.

UPDATE: Rusty has more about it. Including the episode banned by Youtube.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who Is Indeed

Thanks to Re Tea.

RSM has the sane clip up too, I see.

On The 'How To. . .' Front

First, the Five Rules For Blogging.

Now, How To Become A Successful Conservative Blogger.

I still have a ways to go for the one million hits mark on sitemeter.

I Shouldn't Really Need To Point This Out

John Avlon, Newt came on board the Tea Parties late in the game.

And because it was chance for Newt to jump into the spotlight. He saw potential to get his name out in the news again. Whether it's sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi or talking about taxes in front of a crowd, if it's in front of a camera, he's there.

And because his schedule was clear. It's been clear for a very long time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Hot Conservative Blond From California?

Who knew?

More than just a pretty face too. Of course I'm talking about both Megyan Kelly and Carry Prejean.

UPDATE: And speaking of pretty faces...

UPDATE II: More on the history and the fallout of the event.

Bloggers And The Big Bucks

I'm not sure what Robert Stacy and Little Miss Attila are complaining about. My blog bucks are rolling in fine. In fact, I think the numbers's are a bit on the low end. How else could I have taken an extended weekend off and visited Kiawah Island?

In hindsight though, it was right after the Richmond Tea Party. I had to meet with Dick Army and Newt and debrief them on how well the astroturfed event went over. It's amazing how cleaned up a horde of homeless folks can be after a promised bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 and a Big Mac value meal. It was more expensive getting them clothes from Goodwill to make them look presentable. But cost is no object when you are going for appearance.

See, astroturfing is easy.

Anyway, back at the resort. Sean Hannity showed up and we went for a round of golf. Then -- like any evil good Republican -- the ritualistic sacrifice of a goat. Then more golf.

Right now we are working on the new subliminal messages Fox News will be sending out to the few people in the crowds that weren't homeless. The obvious message will be, "Keep on watching Fox News". The others will make themselves obvious soon enough.

Enough of the evil good plans that Republicans have cooked up. Conservatives have no independent thought and need to be told what to think. And I'm just the blogger to relay the marching orders I'm taking from the mysterious right wing conspiracy.


Thanks for the reminder, Miss Attila.

Paco has more examples of blogging greed.


From the Parcing The Truth Dept.

Obama claims that:

"This war is being waged with guns purchased not here but in the United States . . . more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that lay in our shared border," President Barack Obama said on a visit to Mexico on April 16, 2009. "So we have responsibilities as well.

But that is only part of the picture he wants to share.

"According to the article, "a large percentage of the guns recovered in Mexico do not get sent back to the U.S. for tracing, because it is obvious from their markings that they do not come from the U.S." The article goes on to say many weapons are coming from a wide variety of foreign sources including China, South Korea, Spain and Israel, as well as from the Russian Mafia and other nefarious sources in Asia, South and Central America.

Be sure to read the rest.

Thanks to P & P.

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day.

Time to reduce, reuse and recycle or something like that.

It's also time to celebrate the fact that the eagle has made it off the endanger species list. I understand they taste a lot like the spotted owl.

Linked by P & P and S. Logan.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Last Shot

From the Tea Party in Richmond, VA.

Thanks to Sara.

$100 Million? You've got to be kidding me!

As Tapper was trying to point out - this is a joke!

After a video that clearly displays that the POTUS bowed they tried to tell us that he didn't... Fake Staged CiC visits to Iraq. Oh - and of course they told us that the POTUS wasn't even aware that the TEA parties were happening on tax day.

And now after trying to tell us that $8 BILLION in earmarks is only a very very small amount of money they are following up a mere few weeks later with trying to tell us that $100 million in budget cuts is a large amount? They have to be joking!

The Obama administration is really pissing me of with this B.S. They have to think Americans are stupid. REALLY STUPID.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From Other Tea Parties

Scanning the country from coast to coast with more updates about Tea Parties. The biggest protest you never heard of.

In Orange County, Donald Douglas has his review up.

And when I say coast to coast, I really meant only Orange County and Washington D.C.

Moe Lane has a combination of a one, two punch of pictures and videos of the event. Pundette has her share of pictures from the start of the event. Paco has his from a little bit later in the day.

From The Party

It was cold. It was wet. And people turned out. Whatever the official count is, it should be higher. People were leaving early because of the cold and the rain at the same time late comers where arriving.

I've been asking that since the beginning of the year.

For some reason, I like this sign.

Clever idea, stapling tea bags to a hat.

More photos at the Richmond Tea Party Blog.

A Brief Histrory of Tea


Keli Carender, who blogs as “Liberty Belle” spread the word about a grass-roots protest she was organizing in Seattle to raise her voice against the passage of the trillion-dollar stimulus/porkulus/Generational Theft Act of 2009. It’s the first time she had ever jumped into political organizing of any kind. She is not affiliated with any “corporate lobbyist” or think tank or national taxpayers’ organization. She’s a young conservative mom who blogs. Amazingly, she turned around the event in a few days all on her own by reaching out on the Internet, to her local talk station, and to anyone who would listen.

Read the rest to see how it really is a grass roots organization the caught on like a prairie fire.

UPDATE: Good advice if you are interviewed by the news media. Practice in a mirror first.

When The Party Is Over

Truth be told, it's just beginning.
For those of you who have been asking, “What about tomorrow?”

The Tea Party is today. Tomorrow, the real work begins.

Are you ready to be a More Educated Voter? A More Effective Activist? A Champion for Freedom?

The Tax Day Tea Party Purpose: To peacefully protest a government that is loading unfathomable and incomprehensible amounts of debt on this and future generations in order to fund so-called ’stimulus’ packages and bailouts and “pork projects” for special interest groups. The amount is so great that it will not be able to repaid without increased taxation. Confiscatory taxation means greater government control over our lives, and a loss of our freedom and liberty.

There’s no super-rich sugar daddy like George Soros pulling the strings.

There’s no special interest group like creating the illusion of a grassroots movement.

And it’s not a taxpayer-funded “protest” group like ACORN.

It’s just ordinary Americans who believe in preserving American values and principles like faith, freedom and smaller government.

Call to Action: The Next Election Starts Today

1. Sign the Petition. We will notify you via the website when we intend to deliver it to Governor Kaine, and our duly elected representatives. Make sure to keep up to date with the Richmond Tea Party website, blog, forum and Facebook site.

2. If you have RSVPd, registered at the Tea Party, are a member of the Tea Party on Facebook, or signed the Petition, you are already part of our email network. We will keep you informed via email about upcoming protest rallies in the Richmond area. There are more planned protests leading up to the November 2010 elections. Each protest rally will be bigger than the one before. The People will not be ignored.

3. The Richmond Tea Party is an umbrella for all like-minded organizations. You were at the Tea Party and lots of ideas were presented. Which ones interested you? Find a niche. The key is to stay involved in some way. Whether it is as simple as educating yourself (leaders are readers) and encouraging your neighbors, or running for local office — there is an organization ready to help you. Here is a list of suggested organizations to plug into.

4. Not sure what to do? Contact Us and we can help you find a place for your skills and interests. We are here to help you become a better informed citizen and a more effective activist.

5. We are building an Army. We will no longer be ignored. The Spirit of America is at stake.

NOTE: Sad to say, there are many organizations trying to piggy-back on the efforts of the Tea Party Movement.
Some are simply trying to raise a buck or two, using the “Tea Party” name. Find the right place for your time and skills.

Cross posted at The Richmond Tea Party Blog.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party Eve

Round Up.

Do not forget to donate if you can't make it. This might be a vast right wing conspiracy but the people running it are cheap bastards. Expecting us to volunteer all our time and energy for free. Is a new laptop computer too much to ask for?

Michelle has been right on top of the Tea Parties. Even with this warning about 'right wing extremists groups' from the DHS. And the Tea Party Crashers, noticeably less funny than the Wedding Crashers.

Worth the read from the American Spectator.

P & P have a clip of David Shuster making an ass of himself. Or as Shuster calls it, Tuesday. After listening to the clip a couple of times, it's crap a late night talk show host would say. Did his script get mixed up with Jon Stewart's?

And this is the best Tea Party sign I've seen in a while.

I Am Going For The Pulled Pork Sandwiches And The Protests

But mostly the protests. Richmond Virgina. I'll post photos of it later.

Donald Douglas has a nice round up of a bloggers who's who and their posts on the Tea Parties that are going on.

Sweet Tea Party

From Michelle Malkin's tweets.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Safe Bet

The smart money is on the typo in the teleprompter.

Via Jim Treacher's tweets (and I use to complain that twitter was useless).

Let's Go To Tape

Really Gibbs? Want to see the instant replay, Gibbs?

Sure looks like a bow to me, Gibbs. Do what you do best, Gibbs, marginalize and move past the uncomfortable parts. From the looks of you, Gibbs, the uncomfortable parts include treadmills.

What Are They Critical Of? Not Enough Spending?

The people who are opposed to the Tea Parties -- it's amazing that some people want out of control government spending -- are doing their best to slam the grassroots movement. Instead of putting forward an actual, you know, argument as to why their idea is better.

If this was a Fox News funded event, I want a new laptop computer so I can blog from the road. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, did you get my expense report?

What part of bipartisan do Oliver Willis and Jane Hamsher not understand?

Fox News is covering it because they deem it a newsworthy event. And seeing how Fox News is usually first in news rankings, it's safe to say they know how to do their job.

By trying to marginalize the movement, out of touch bloggers like Willis and Hamish hope to discredit Tea Parties without any discussion as to why is should be discredited. They have made up their mind about it -- out of control spending, yes we can -- and want to do the thinking for everyone else in their very own echo chamber.

Anyone else who thinks for themselves should go and listen then decide if twelve trillion ($12,000,000,000,000) in debt is okay to burden the future generations of America with.

Monday Round Up

Dude, SEALs are freaking awesome.

Neil Kinnock Joe Biden? Lying? You gotta be kidding me.

All those Playboy Playmates WERE going to law school after all.

You have to be kidding me.

And speaking of Tea Parties. Yes, it is grassroots.

The [imagine a doggie voice] big sweetie of the day.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Military Welcome of President Obama A Total Sham!!

By David Hinz - Posted on April 12th, 2009

According to a report from Flopping Aces, that wonderful cheering welcome that President Obama received with his unscheduled surprise visit to the troops in Iraq, was entirely a staged event.

The troops were interrogated beforehand, with those military members who had voted for President Obama given identical digital cameras and placed in front of the media cameras covering the event.

According to the report from Flopping Aces, a sergeant who was there explained the subterfuge. "We were pre-screened, asked by officials 'Who voted for Obama?', and then those who raised their hands were shuffled to the front of the receiving line. They even handed out digital cameras and asked them to hold them up."

Now then, political operatives from the Administration orchestrate a faux-cheering crowd of adoring military, right in front of the media covering the event, and that media reports?

From the AP:


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama went for the defining television shot by capping his first extended foreign tour with a surprise visit to Iraq.

He got it – pictures of hundreds of U.S. troops cheering wildly as he told them it was time for the Iraqis to take charge of their own future.

The war-zone photo opportunity produced a stunning show of appreciation for Obama from military men and women who have made great sacrifices, many serving repeated tours in a highly unpopular war.

So, the professional journalists [stop laughing -- I'm serious here] assigned to report the news of the President's visit, saw cheering throngs of adoring troops, but failed to note the screening process that made the Kodak Moment possible.

The New Media -- Doing The Job The Oldstream Media Refuses To Do

US skipper held by pirates is free

MOGADISHU (AFP) — A US captain seized by Somali pirates and held hostage in the Indian Ocean for five days was freed Sunday, the US state department said.

"I can confirm that Captain (Richard) Phillips has been safely recovered," said spokeswoman Laura Tischler, without providing additional details on the operation.

CNN television, citing a senior US official, reported that three of the four pirates holding Phillips had been killed, and the fourth pirate was in custody.

Phillips, who was unharmed, had been taken aboard the USS Bainbridge, one of the two US naval warships involved in the tense stand-off near the Somali coast, according to the network.

Spending Our Way Out Of Debt?

The AP Lies about the number of uninsured - what a shock.

I am among the first to tell you that there is a health care problem in America but... For years I have stood in awe at the press and elected officials blatantly lie about the number of uninsured AMERICANS there are. Commonly they report that there are between 46 and 50 million uninsured Americans. That is a bold faced lie. Just today, the AP has yet again repeated the lie.

In reality the numbers commonly touted include about 10 million illegal immigrants and 3 million children that would be covered if only their irresponsible parents would file the proper paperwork. Another large chunk are young people who openly admit that they opt out of paying for health care plans.

Chart from the AP article today:

"Graphic shows number of uninsured Americans and periods of recession"

Notice the lie? Kind of hard to miss with my emphasis. I am all for fixing the problem but we can't even begin the process of fixing health care based upon a lie. The true problem is affordability and those that truly are with out coverage and can not afford it. If we as a nation can begin an honest discussion on the topic maybe, just maybe we can find a solution.

And on the third day they discovered that he rose

To friends and family all over the globe – Happy Easter and God bless you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tea Party Photo - Teleprompter Message for BHO

I came across this hilarious photo from a Tea Party that was held at Solomons Island, MD:

(no I wasn't there - just surfed across this and thought I would share)


Credit to Toby Toons

Whereas I Agree With Glenn II

Although a bit histerical - I agree with his message.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Evening Round Up

If none of these issues are not enough of a discussion for you, how about the Civil War. It was not civil, nor was it a war. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Donald Douglas has the Head Moonbat Who Thinks He Is In Charge's number.

Ann Althouse has the rhetorical question of the day.

Amazing what a good reputation will bring you.

I thought the Obama's were finally proud of this country.

Robert Stacy McCain has it in for public schools. And rightfully so too.

It's the start of summer. Go Tigers.

And from Protein Wisdom. All I can say is, dude.

Weekend Trip

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Global Warming Take Down

Keep in mind that polar bears have no issue with swimming very long distances.

H/T, Smitty over at RMS.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Night

Just because.

Jon Stewart Is A Moron

Daily Show Full Episodes

Let me get this straight.

Rush Limbaugh is leaving NYC. Selling his condo, leaving his studio and relocating somewhere else. In the mean time, the people he employed at his condo, his studio and elsewhere are out of a job. Restaurants, and anyone else who depended on Rush as a customer are out that much money due to his lack of patronage. The multimillionaire is leaving town and taking his spending money with him.

And Jon Steward says “Finally”?

What a moron.

Video clip from Hot Air because I don't watch The Daily Show.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

Updated and bumped.

In two weeks time, Richmond.

In an April 1st round up today:

Cynthia Yockey has this exclusive about U.S. President Barack Obama confessing to treason.

Dan Collins has a link to what may or may not be a prank. It is so hard to tell nowadays with moonbats frothing at the mouth.

Legal Insurrection had the jump on me with the round up.

Even the PuffHo has a nice listing of April Fools pranks.

PJ Media has the first GM Car funded by the bail-outs. Gives a whole new meaning to the term, "Government Model".

For his visit overseas, Brack Obama gave the Queen of England an iPod. This one is NOT an April Fools joke.

Time To Grow Your Own?

The tax on cigarettes are being raised today. To the point of almost being taxed out of existence. Anymore, the term, 'Grow your own' will take on an entire new meaning now that tobacco might be cheaper to harvest and cure it yourself than having to buy a normal pack of smokes.

Never underestimate the value of a barter system. Even for the none smoker.

One of President Barack Obama's campaign pledges on taxes went up in puffs of smoke Wednesday.

The largest increase in tobacco taxes took effect despite Obama's promise not to raise taxes of any kind on families earning under $250,000 or individuals under $200,000.
[. . .]
The extra money will be used to finance a major expansion of health insurance for children. That represents a step toward achieving another promise, to make sure all kids are covered.

If everyone quit smoking, then what will be taxed to cover the hole the cigarette tax left behind?

Linked by Paco, RSM and HoTMES.

Do They Even Listen To Themselves Speak?

Both are short clips and speak for themselves.

Thanks to Michelle's special posting at Hot Air.