Friday, July 31, 2009

Sorry For The Traffic Mix Up With STL Mommy

Not sure how this happened but I am getting the occasional traffic from STL Mommy through her Twitter feeds and elsewhere.

While new traffic isn't a bad thing, I am not trying to hijack someone's blog hits.

However, STL Mommy's place is very good at finding coupons and discounts. Which in times like these it helps to stretch out every dollar.

Quote For The Week, Part II: Let The Healing Begin

Would my father and Sgt. Crowley be reduced to who they were on that fateful day in my father’s house on Ware Street and give us all a glimpse of what really happened? Or could it be that this small collection of men were actually devising some master plan to rid the world of all racist tendencies right there in the Presidential Rose Garden over a few brewskis? No. That would have been impossible to achieve—even on Obama’s best day and even if my father had actually finished his Sam Adams.

Discrimination is the single greatest wound in American history and could never be solved over a beer. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. There are more black men in prison than in college and literally thousands of black men are arrested across this country each day. And while I might agree with the President’s initial statement that the “Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly,” my father is not the first nor will he be the last black man to be arrested for no reason—in his own home or elsewhere—and Sgt. Crowley isn’t the first officer to fudge a police report. They are simply pawns in the rebirth of unfashionable intolerance in a world that likes to think our dashing brown-skinned 44th President has emerged to make nice with the past, present, and future. It’s an impossible task for the President and speaks more to our nation’s vulnerable value system than the unfortunately common situation my father and the Cambridge police found themselves embroiled in. As my father said on the plane yesterday morning on our way to the White House, “there are approximately 800,000 black men in prison and on July 16, 2009, I simply became one of them.”

Quote For The Week

Reforming the health care system is dead. Cause of death? Blunt trauma administered not by Republicans, not even by Blue Dog Democrats, but by the green eyeshades at the Congressional Budget Office.

Three blows:

(1) On June 16, the CBO determined that the Senate Finance Committee bill would cost $1.6 trillion over 10 years, delivering a sticker shock that was near fatal.

(2) Five weeks later, the CBO gave its verdict on the Independent Medicare Advisory Council, Dr. Obama's latest miracle cure, conjured up at the last minute to save Obamacare from fiscal ruin, and consisting of a committee of medical experts highly empowered to make Medicare cuts.

The CBO said that IMAC would do nothing, trimming costs by perhaps 0.2 percent. A 0.2 percent cut is not a solution; it's a punch line.

(3) The final blow came last Sunday when the CBO euthanized the Obama "out years" myth. The administration's argument had been: Sure, Obamacare will initially increase costs and deficits. But it pays for itself in the long run because it bends the curve downward in coming decades.

The CBO put in writing the obvious: In its second decade, Obamacare significantly bends the curve upward -- increasing deficits even more than in the first decade.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To Elevate The Course Of Discussion

UPDATE: Linked back to Smitty. Not sure yet of what I won, short of bragging rights. I did enjoy the Anderson and Roe clip he provided. However, this would have been my choice for the clip, IMHO.

Robert Stacy has declared that this is International Rule 5 BikiniFest Week. But is it way to get hits from the lowest common denominator or a clever ploy to offend feminists? Only he knows for sure and he hasn't mentioned anything to me about it.

I had a question of conscience before my submission. Is it right that he should be the one to hoard all of the attention regarding babes in bikinis? He is providing round ups for other sites to help share in the wealth of page hits. Let it be said he is never stingy with the linkage. And is it right for me to get in on the act as well? I only do this part time. Champagne is popped when I have a hundred hits in a 24 hour period. But do I cheapen the course of political dialog done on this blog (heh) by the bikini pictures? Do I get hits because of the quality (heheh) of posts or the quantity of girls? I usually get plenty of the latter but do people stick around for the former (heheheh)?

Or is it exploitative of the young women by re-publishing the photos? Or worse yet, empowering some lecherous old man who soon might meet Chris Hanson for some cookies and lemonade?

On the other hand, there really is no end of models, former models, actresses, celebrities, has-been celebrities, reality TV stars, athletes, and Paris Hilton pictures out there. I'm not really hurting anything by re-posting something that most everyone has already seen. And it would be a shame to let all those hits go by the wayside.

I'm not saying that I should ignore my conscience in favor of my Sitemeter. But instead of the usual of vapid blond pinups (NTTIAWWT), I would like to submit Vanessa-Mae.

So it's not exactly a bikini picture but why quibble? She can tickle the strings too.

After all, Stacy needed some culture and international spice injected into the mix.

Found the performance clip over at Sondrak's place.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Video From Liberty 101: Adnan Barqawi

Thanks to Mickey for finding this.

For those of you who didn't make it to Liberty 101 this past Saturday, you missed Adnan Barqawi speaking. Good thing there is YouTube. I'll get more speakers up as they become available.

Cross posted here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Liberty 101

Richmond Tea Party presents: Liberty 101 at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds. (Directions to location)

Sure most people vote every four years or so. That's not enough anymore. If you want to get involved beyond your vote to have your voice heard by the people in Washington who are elected to represent us. This is one way. Stop by and mingle with some of the activists groups. See what you have in common. Contrary to what the DHS would want the average person to think, not everyone there are "Right wing extremists".

For starters, most everyone here would love to have a fiscal responsible government. Sadly, it didn't happen with George W. Bush. It's painfully obvious that it's not happening with Barack Obama.

If not you, then who?

Main Stage Schedule

Note: All times are approximate
12:45-1:15 Green Giant Band
1:25-1:55 Mean Dean
2:00-2:10 Presenting of Arms-Pipes of Argyll
Introduction by Doc Thompson
National Anthem sung by Jewell Booker
2:15-2:30 Edward Cline
“The Original Tea Party and Ours:
Where the Parallels Stop”
2:35-2:50 Tito “The Builder” Munoz
“Socialism-My Experience”
2:55-3:10 Pat Webb (Second Amendment Sisters)
“What Does the Second Amendment Mean?”
3:15-3:30 John Taylor
Taking Back Our Country
3:35-3:50 Jamie Radtke
“Restoring the Founder’s Vision”
3:55-4:10 Robert Stacy McCain
“Don’t Get Angry, Get Organized!”
4:10-4:25 Tabitha Hale
“Micropolitics for the Masses”
4:30-4:45 Benjamin Marchi
“How We Can Stop Nationalized Health Care”
4:50-5:15 Dr. John Lewis
The Rights of Man: The American Founding Principle”
5:20-5:45 Adnan Barqawi
“Living the American Dream of Life, Liberty,
and the Pursuit of Happiness”
5:50-6:20 The Gentlemen
6:25-6:55 Jim O’Ferrel Band
7:00 Closing Remarks by Doc Thompson

Seminar Schedule
**Note all Times are approximate. Schedule/Titles subject to change

1:00-1:45 Philip Van Cleave-Virginia Citizens Defense League-”The power and techniques of grassroots activism – the VCDL approach”
1:50-2:35 Jeff Horgan-Fair Tax- “Fair Tax Made Simple”
2:40-3:25 Ned Ryun-American Majority-”Top Ten Ways to Be An Effective Activist”
3:30-4:15 Donna Holt-Campaign for Liberty- “Politics in the Margins”
4:20-5:05 John Taylor-Virginia Institute for Public Policy-”Battle for the Soul of America: The Philosophy of the Founding Fathers vs. Progressivism
5:10-5:55 Roger Pogge-Family Foundation Action-”Truth Project”
6:00-6:45 Paul Saunders-w/ Dr. John Lewis “The Global Warming Crisis: A Myth for Violating Rights (Cap & Trade)”
Seminars will be held inside the exhibition building,
seating will be limited.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Noticed This Today

R.S. McCain (distant relation to Sen. McCain. Very distant) has made this blog the FMJRA* for the day.

The man has worn through more shoe leather in the streets of D.C. chasing stories than Bill Clinton has chasing skirts. The top spot for the day has given this blog something that it badly needs. Credibility.

*If you don't know what the FMJRA is, the read the 5 rules for blogging.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Something That Everyone Can Enjoy.

Or not.

My runner wife pointed this out to me. She's been running for over a year now. I'm thinking I need to take up the sport.

I think this adequately covers Rule 5.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tea Party Protest

Not sure if Senators Webb or Warner received the message yet. I have a gut feeling that you would wear out a few cluebats before they would deviate from their party talking points and vote what's best for Virginia.

Estimates are that there were over 300 downtown Richmond at Webb's office and over 500 at Warner's office.

From the CBS affiliate out of Richmond, WTVR ch. 6.

The Difference A Few Months Make

It takes a certain lack of integrity -- a sort of anti-integrity, enough you can power the Starship Enterprise with -- to go on camera and say what he's saying.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

From The Book I'm Reading Now

Or rather, trying to read. The Road to Serfdom. You need some scheduled quiet time and a working knowledge of Post WWII England but it's worth it. Having kids around to help break your concentration doesn't help.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quote Of The Week

Ace, what I'm saying is that you made an error of judgment for which you are responsible, like that chubby freshman girl who arrives early at the Teke open-house party, starts right in on the tequila and doesn't stop until the pledges are lined up down the hall waiting to take their turns.

But why bring Meghan McCain into this?

My point is that if Ace is a dirty slut, he's our dirty slut. We don't blame Frum and Friedersdorf for wanting to do a three-way and then hand him off to David Brooks, David Letterman, David Gergen, David Brock, David Hasselhof, David Copperfield . . . but again, why bring Meghan McCain into this?

Separated At Birth: Too Good To Check Edition

Especially after hearing about Ricky Hollywood.

Thanks to Carol at No Sheeples Here for the picture.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is There A Love Connection To Be Made?

She's the semi-slutty daughter of a prominent republican senator who has made his career jabbing his thumb into the eyes of conservatives everywhere.

He's a high school drop out whose only claim to fame is impregnating Sarah Palin's oldest daughter.

Can these two kids hook up and make it as the MSM's version of the ideal Republican couple?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Night

Two giants come together in the alternative rock genre. And I'm not talking about Frank Black's girth.

Sure it's the same song that James Blunt did here but it's Black Francis.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reason Number 264

Why Megan McCain should not be the 'new' voice for the Republican Party.

UPDATED: Page was deleted. But not to worry. There is no end to Megan's Twitterings.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time To Celebrate Independence Day With BBQ, Fireworks and Elvis Presley.

Throw in an apple pie and a Tigers Baseball game and you have the perfect American day.

Happy Birthday, America.

From the real King of Rock n' Roll.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How Lady GaGa Was Signed

Akon: So you are Lady GaGa?

Lady GaGa: Yes, I am.

Akon: And I should sign you up as your own act because?

Lady GaGa: Well, Britney is a has been. She has kids to feed and an ex-husband to support. I don't have that much baggage.

Akon: So, Britney is still a big act. As a performer, how can you one up her?

Lady GaGa: Well, I can have three kids by three different dancers. But that would mean having to find 3 straight male danc--

Akon: No, not that. I mean, performance wise. Are you better than Britney?

Lady GaGa: I'm a better singer than she--

Akon: Look. When I say performer, what I really mean is, do you have a good body? If my label if fronting money for a big budget video, I'm going to want you in a leather bra and assless chaps.

Lady GaGa: Oooh. Well, I'm no Jessica Simpson--

Akon: *whispering* who is?

Lady GaGa: -- but yes, I do have a better body than Britney. And a good plastic surgeon on retainer for a boob job.

Akon: Okay, and --

Lady GaGa: I also have this.

Akon: What's that?

Lady GaGa: People call me a cypher. I have an entire stable of blank stares I give that can mean anything. The public projects what they want the stare to mean.

Akon: I see what you mean

Lady GaGa: See, check this one out.

Lady GaGa: And this.

Lady GaGa: And this

Lady GaGa: And this.

Akon: Hold it, hold it, hold it. I see what you mean. I want to make sure we are on the same page. We want to sell songs and tickets. In order for you to do that, you need to be the next big thing. Bigger than Britney. She started out as a Mouseketeer and ended up making out with Madonna onstage. That's what I'm looking for. Some young girl to sell out her soul only to be dumped 5 years later for the next hot young thing with firmer breasts, a mediocre voice and who is willing to do anything that is asked of her. So much so that Britney dancing with a python will appear tame. What can you do?

Lady GaGa: I am perfectly willing to have sex on stage with a goat if need be.

Akon: That's what I like to hear. Although you won't need to do that. Yet.

Lady GaGa: Or a Llama.

Akon: Okay I get--

Lady GaGa: Or Rosie O'Donnell

Akon: Whoa. No need to go that far. I don't want to jump ahead. Marketing has figured an act like that is about three pop tarts away from where we are now. How much farther are you willing to go beyond Britney? What will you do to one up her?

Lady GaGa: THIS!

Akon: That will do nicely. Sign here.