Monday, December 15, 2008

Sheeple shall not apply.

There really is a ruling class in the world today.

If appointed, Ms. Kennedy would fill the seat once held by her uncle, Robert F. Kennedy.

Caroline Kennedy, who has had no experience with politics, whose resume is padded with charity events strictly because of her last name, is now a contender to be, not elected, but appointed as a Senator from New York. Her big uncle Teddy Kennedy is pushing for her to appointed from out of state as well.

Speaking of Teddy, back when he had his brain tumor scare, he was wanting his wife to take over for him as well. He has announced that he will be back in the Senate next year to finish out his term.
Joe Biden is looking for his own little dynasty, too.
By selecting Kaufman, who has said he would serve only two years before a special election is held in 2010, Minner bypassed other interested Delaware pols and ensured that Beau Biden would have a clearer opportunity to succeed his father in the Senate.

To Joe's credit, his son isn't taking the position just yet. A special election will be held in 2010 for the Senate but it is all but a forgone conclusion that Beau will be elected to the seat. There hasn't been a Republican since 2000 as a Senator from Delaware and considering the way the GOP has been acting, I doubt there will be another one soon.

This special kind of nepotism isn't saved for the Democrats either. The Republicans have their own kind of favoritism going on as well.
Republicans are urging [Jeb] Bush, the president's younger brother, to strongly consider making a bid for the seat currently held by outgoing Republican Sen. Mel Martinez.

No more dynasties for the US Government. Dynasties in the past only brought out laziness and inbreeding. And that may well be argued with the Kennedy family today. Surely there are better people for those jobs than the offspring or siblings of someone in office. Wasn't that the original idea of how the Congress was supposed to work in the first place?

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