Friday, March 20, 2009

Typical HuffPo Blogger Responds In Typical Fashion

Frank Schaeffer is still in his perpetual tizzy because Republicans and conservatives will not line up and kiss the ring of Obama.

Shorter Schaeffer: Obama good no matter what. Republicans bad no matter what.

However, this one piece of ignorance (out of many) stood out:
There would be less special Olympians if we had decent health care for all, because less children would be born with problems.
How would that be possible unless abortion factored into the equation somehow? The ugly truth that 90% of babied diagnosed in the womb with Down Syndrome where aborted surfaced last election season, due to Gov. Palin's youngest child. With the universal health care, like Frank is calling for, that number of abortions for healthy children will go even higher if the mom-to-be does not need to pay for it. Not to mention the amount of abortions if the child might be diagnosed as special needs.

But that's okay because Barack will heal the world, in Frank's eyes. Much the same way Barack went out of his way to address the people of Iran but gave British PM Gordon Brown a diplomatic slap to the face (one of these countries is not like the other).

Linked by P and P. And by RSM.

With the exception of the open letter, which he saves for when he's outrageously outraged, he stuck to his four rules. He did mention two other books he had written instead of 'Crazy for God', one being the book he co-wrote with his son (who is a Marine). Kind of a hybrid twofer.

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