Tuesday, March 31, 2009

War Of Subterfuge And Politics

In the comment sections of any number of political blogs last year, there was someone always claiming to be a conservative but was 'worried' about McCain in some form or another. It was always the same formula. McCain's health, age, mental capability. The 'Concerned Conservative Christian Person' comments hit high gear after Gov. Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's running mate.

Their MO was obvious enough. Ace had them dead to rights.

The script--

1. The Pledge: I'm a conservative/I'm a Christian/I'm a conservative Christian

2. The Turn: My heart is with you guys, really... but I have these concerns...

3. The Prestige: I hear all these great things about Obama and/or did you hear this horrible stuff about Palin?

And of course the simple whitebread, just-plain-folks psuedonym. [Scott, Tom, Eric and the like]

The mission was obvious. To help demoralize the GOP into not voting or even switching their votes for Obama.

Which brings me to Andrew Breitbart.

Political leftists play for keeps. They are willing to lie, perform deceptive acts in a coordinated fashion and do so in a wicked way - all in the pursuit of victory. Moral relativism is alive and well in the land of Hope and Change and its Web-savvy youth brigade expresses its "idealism" in a most cynical fashion.

The ends justify the means for them - now more than ever.

Much of Mr. Obama's vaunted online strategy involved utilizing "Internet trolls" to invade enemy lines under false names and trying to derail discussion. In the real world, that's called "vandalism." But in a political movement that embraces "graffiti" as avant-garde art , that's business as usual. It relishes the ability to destroy other people's property in pursuit of electoral victory.

It's worth reading the entire article.

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