Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Only A Mild Pox, Nothing To Be Worried About

I was tagged by Eric. May as well get it over with. Post eight random items about me then I'll do my civic duty by passing the Filthy Blog Pox along to someone else.

  • I have lived in Wyoming, Arizona, Michigan and Virginia.

  • I am a Detroit Tigers fan. Detroit Lions? Meh.

  • My primary education went private school, home school, then public school.

  • I have a mild case of OCD when I post something I need a tag for it.

  • As a Boy Scout growing up, I would work at the summer camp most of the summer. One of the best jobs I ever had.

  • I installed enough Direct TV systems that at one time, I could figure out my azimuth (The left and right direction the dish pointed) by checking the time and the location of the sun.

  • I do most of the cooking for my household.

  • This has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Maybe because I got to work and play with a lot of the same equipment when I was taking electronics in college.

Off to visit P & P, HotMES, and Clever S.Logan and cough on their blogs so I can pass it along.


  1. You scared me for a minute, but I played. :)

    Homeschoolers unite!

  2. I'm not a homeschooler but I hope I proved up to the challenge.


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