Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Speaking of Gitmo

About the 1:30 mark everyone in the room shuts up and listens to Dr. Rice speak. Note to punk college kid. Never try to match wits with someone who has a resume bigger than the Playboy magazine you have stashed under your mattress.

Unless you are a pimpled face ambulance chaser old named Scott Horton. Horton is best known for representing Bilal Hussein. A terrorist who would take pictures of the enemy forces in Iraq firing on US troops then selling them to the Associated Press.

He has it in for anyone in the Bush administration. For a lawyer, he doesn't seem to realize that this can set a bad precedent.

In a meeting with Stanford students at a dormitory reception on April 27, the school’s former provost got off to a shaky start and ended in a train wreck. She may in fact have her last words in the exchange quoted back to her some day in a law court.

It's not so much as he was against enhanced interrogation techniques as he seems to be against anything Pres. Bush did.

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