Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coffee Is For Closers Round-Up

Due to a previous engagement (So I'm recovering from an ether soaked handkerchief my Samoan attorney gave me while out celebrating(Who, for the record, is neither Samoan or an attorney)), I couldn't be here so I called in a favor to my friend, Blake, to finish this for me.

UPDATE: Jimmie knows about the coffee.

All right, lets get started. First thing about a round up is to Always Be Linking. Be sure seal the deal with a link. Don't be like Barack Obama and leave thinking the deal is done to be shut out in the first round. He's not even getting the steak knives.

You have to be more like Carrol from No Sheeples Here. Now she is a Blogger Who Links. Despite the fact she didn't do one of her phenomenal photoshops she is able to point out a first. A comedy sketch by Saturday Night Live is fact checked on CNN? I wouldn't say that CNN is a news channel. When Red Eye comes on at 3 AM EST and that has more viewers than your lead in prime time show with Campbell Brown, you are not a news channel.

Little Miss Attila show why she has balls enough to be a Blogger Who Links. She's not afraid to say what most people think about Micheal Moore.

But the one thing that the Bloggers Who Link should never do is wear a flower sun dress to a posthumous Medal of Honor award ceremony. No matter what your level of education, it's plain tacky.

Robert Stacy is the Blog Fu master of Bloggers Who Link. For starters, he goes a long way to say the thing that needs to be said. And you can enjoy the ride there.

There's been a dust up about a nasty rumor about Stacy's past. I can assure you, nothing is further from the truth. Just because there is a camera pointed at Rachel Maddow's head doesn't make her an authority on anything. It's an issue of fake journalists repeating what their producers say in their earpiece. Besides, I heard a rumor that her coochie is a protective habitat due to the rare and endangered species of crabs who live down there. No Kwell for her.

Do you realize what these links are? These links are gold. They are At The Point Of A Gun links. And those links are not there to attract Google spiders. It's as if I have Levi Johnston Nude up on purpose for that very reason.

They are gold because these links see through the usual crap and can sum something up like THERE IS NO BAUCUS BILL instead the usual filler TV has to do. They can help sort through the political spectrum to help you see when groups are identified as far right wing extremists, they are actually run of the mill left wing moonbats.

Now remember. Always Be Linking and the coffee is for closers.

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