Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's For Science: Twilight Edition

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Time for week three. This time it's the actresses from the 'Twilight' movies.

Same drill as last week. Of the two, which girl is more approachable than the other. Leave your answer in the comments.

Kristen Stewart

Ashley Greene.

Previously, Week One and Week Two.


  1. Ashley Greene. Kristen Stewart has way too much brown make up on. It makes her hard edged. And she is a long way from that. And Ashley's hair is more natural, not lacquered.

  2. I don't think Kristen Stewart is attractive in any way. Ashley Greene is quite the hottie. Defenitely her for "who would I approach."

  3. I would much rather have a conversation with Kristen because she is true to herself and doesn't fake anything. For sure Kristen

  4. Kristen for sure! Ashley is sweet too but would rather strike up a conversation with Kristen! She is true to herself and will tell you what she really thinks! You go Kristen!

  5. Would like to talk to them both but would rather talk to Kristen. I would have more things to talk to her about. I think both are very approachable. Kristen just gets freaked out by the paparazzi. She doesn't have a problem with her fans coming up to her. I don't blame her about the paparazzi. You shouldn't knock her for that. You wouldn't like it either!

  6. Ashley. That Kristin chick looks like death-warmed over. Or anemic. Vegetarian, perhaps?


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