Friday, December 18, 2009

Lost Scenes From The Movie, "Twilight"

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Edward, your skin is ice cold. You are never around when the sun is out. And you claim you can read everyone's mind but mine. You're.. You're a..

Go ahead. Say it.

A vampire.

It took you over half the movie to figure that one out, Sherlock? No wonder I can't read your mind.
So now you know my secret. You can't stay with me anymore, Bella.

But I want to be with you, Edward.

I'm a vampire. I'm a killer.

Yeah, well. No big shakes.

I've killed before, Bella. The smell of human blood drives me will drive me to a frenzy.

So I'll stay away one week a month. See? No big deal.

You don't understand, when I smell blood, instinct takes over. Sometimes I can't control myself.

I get the same way when I smell bacon.

So you do understand.

Is that why you didn't want to sit next to me when I first got to class?

No, that was because I've been 17 for almost a century. The wind blows in through an open window and my hormones rage. You were the freshest face I've seen in years. I had to do something otherwise I would have exploded right there and then.

So would you die if you went outside in the sunlight?

No, I look like some metro-sexual douchebag who uses way too much body glitter at a nightclub in the sunlight.

What about garlic? Crosses? Holy Water?

No, none of the conventional things. It wouldn't be convenient for the book. So those were thrown out.

But you still drink blood

Well, if I only drank prune juice there wouldn't be any danger for you to be put into, now would there.

I suppose.

So there needs to be that element of danger for you in the book so when all the little tweens read along, they will have some empathy for you.

If only I was able to bring empathy to my character in this movie.

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