Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Right To Art

People like to say that the arts are for everyone. And they are. Movies and plays and paintings are put out for enjoyment for the masses. Music is to entertain and pleasing to the ears and helps to express emotion that one is feeling at the time.

Part of the reason why the Star Wars prequels are so hated by the fans is that George Lucas took what they loved and pretty much crapped all over it. Also, Lucas could not write or direct a story line that made any sense whatsoever. The Star Wars franchise was for the fans and Lucas did whatever he could to disrespect them. Case in point: Jar Jar Binks.

Music shouldn’t be shackled by a buck a song or even to a fifty dollar concert ticket. And once the music is made, why should the original artist receive an monetary compensation if someone else should decide to perform their work? Isn’t that a form of extortion? The music should be free to perform and to enjoy for everyone. And weezer needs to come to Richmond, Virginia and do another concert. I missed them on their latest tour through here.

Painting and sculptures shouldn’t be kept behind doors of a museum. And I pity those suckers to pay for admission to get inside too. They say it’s for upkeep and to employ the janitors who keep the place clean. I know they are stealing my right to enjoy a good painting. Some high class work of art like ‘Nude Looking Out Window’ and ‘The Thinker’. And if it’s still on tour, that pop art stuff that was done several years ago by several athletes. Where a hockey player skated across some paint then some canvas then slapped some paint covered hockey puck against it and a basketball player bounce a basketball covered in red then yellow paint over some other canvas. Why is that being kept away from my viewing pleasure?

Avatar was just released in the theaters. By all accounts, it is beautifully made movie. The story line may suck but the alien world would make George Lucas envious. Why should I have to pay $14 to see it in IMAX when it’s my right to see a movie? And not just on the normal screen but the IMAX version with the really cool 3-D glasses. Who is James Cameron to say that only a limited number of people can see his everyone’s movie (because it’s not his anymore. Art is for everyone, right?) in 3D.

When art and entertainment should be free for the masses, it’s not right to charge for them. And it’s downright criminal that Will Ferrell makes $20 million per movie. That is a case for water-boarding if I ever heard of one.

Go out and sneak into a movie for free. Download music. It’s your right, after all. Take it.

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