Saturday, December 12, 2009


Welcome to part II of the experiment.

This week's subjects is a tale of two Jennifers. Again, if you were living it up as a man out and about town and saw both Jennifers at a bar, which one would you consider more approachable first. The friendlier looking of the two. The one who you think won't shoot you down right away. And for the sake of the experiment, Ben Afflect's sloppy seconds don't exist.

Choice A.

Choice B.

Please, leave your answers in the comments.

From Week I.


  1. J-Lo hands down. Garner always seems to be safety wired to the attack position.

  2. Gonna go with B. Gigli killed any J-Lo vibe I ever had.

  3. It's almost a tie, but that's a poor first pic of Garner, so I'd have to go with J-Lo here. (Read into this: In the past, have had significant crushes on both ladies. In the past. Not now... Because I'm married.)

  4. I don't find either of them particularly attractive. I'd not approach either of them.


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