Sunday, February 7, 2010


Colts will win. By a spread of at least 14 points.

Interesting true fact about New Orleans: They are known as the Detroit of the South.

I see Robert Stacy agrees with me about the Colts winning.

With the commercials coming in at 2.6 million each, the real winner is CBS.

Halftime.  What's up with all the CSI music?  Anyway, a song about teenage wasteland (Baba O'Riley) loses it's meaning when the guy who sings it will be on doctor ordered bedrest for the rest of the week.

10 - 6, Colts at the half.

I've noticed a theme of sorts with the commercials.  About Men taking a stand.  Either by being the ones to wear the pants in the family for a pant commercial or about how a guy saying a litany of items he will do for his girl but he drives his Dodge Charger.

There it was.  I helped to pay 2.6 million for that census commercial.

That missed kick will bite the Colts in the ass later on.

Saints just took the lead.  Getting to be a good game.  And they missed the two point conversion.  They're challenging the replay right now.

24-17.  Saints.  The challenge showed that the conversion was good after all.

Odd, the game is almost over and there hasn't been a commercial with a monkey or a gorilla at all. Only one with a over-sized stuffed monkey.

Saint up, 31 to 17. This one is going to cost me a broken thumb with the bookie.

Saints are going to win. 31 to 17.

Colts miss several last chance efforts at a touch down.

Congrats to the Saints on their win.

THIS JUST IN: New Orleans is in flames and riots have broken out.

AT LAST: The game is over and finally, there's a commercial with a monkey in it.

I doomed the Colts, by not only saying that they will win but win by a 14 point spread.

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