Thursday, March 11, 2010

For His Next Bill, Felix Ortiz Will Ban High Tides

Ortiz, because he's looking out for you, has introduced a bill banning salt in any sort of food preparation done by restaurants in New York. Naturally, he's a Democrat.

His reasoning behind the bill? "It's time for us to take a giant step. We need to talk about two ingredients of salt: health care costs and deaths." By fining restaurants $1000 per violation.

For some context, I make pancakes from scratch. One day I forgot to add in the teaspoon of salt to the mixture. They were the blandest pancakes I ever had. Salt is needed to make food.

I'm still having trouble believing this. That a grown man, college graduate, would try to push forward such asinine bill. Like I said, he is a democrat.

So to get beyond the idiocy of the bill, you need to ask what is the real reasoning behind it. Control. Under the guise of controlling the health of the populace, he wants to dictate what and how people eat their food. Trans fats was the first feather in his cap. His sites are set on salt next.

UPDATE: Teach me to post something late at night. Spelling and some verbiage fixed.

Anyway, bills like this might also be a test balloon. Float this out there and gauge the public reaction only to float something else out that doesn't sound as bad by comparison. Say, reasonable limits on sugar in deserts. As noted with the Trans Fats ban, it has worked before.

Never underestimate a Democrat and his desire for power and control of what people do from day to day.

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