Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Where I Try To Do My Best Impression Of Andrew Sullivan Of The Atlantic

A reader writes:

You're as close as 4 short weeks away from having the lean, muscled physique you want...

... 4 weeks of delicious, mouthwatering, fat-incinerating food like burgers, pizza, and tacos ...

... 4 weeks without a gym, without calorie-counting,
without weird potions or gross diet "food" ...

... 4 weeks of a nutrition and fitness program so easy … so fast … so effective … so downright appealing that it helped …

And now you can join the thousands of real-life men who have eradicated belly fat, ditched loads of excess weight, and carved out the ripped, tight, muscled bodies of their dreams in no time – using The Belly Off! Diet & Fitness Plan!

Just ask any of them – The Belly Off! Diet & Fitness Plan is the fastest, simplest, most effective way for real guys with real lives to blast off belly fat … build strong, sexy muscle … sculpt rippling abs … and get into the best shape ever!
Erik Bartlett lost 84 pounds!
"A New Year's Resolution Saved My Life."

Brandon Watford lost 182 pounds!
"I've added years back to my life."

Forget formulas, forget fads – the scientifically proven, get-fit-fast plan for real life is finally here! The Belly Off! Diet & Fitness Plan is so amazingly effective because it comes from the real-world fat-frying, muscle-building experiences of more than 300,000 men from the Men's Health Belly Off! Club. All told, these men have lost over 1.8 million pounds!

Now, with The Belly Off! Diet & Fitness Plan, you too can:

• Blast fat and add chiseled muscle with the 7-Day Quick Start Plan!
• Drop pounds and inches fast eating real food – including pizza, steak and burgers!
• Lose your gut and shape up all over – no gym required!
• Discover how to trigger your cells to burn belly fat first!
• Learn the six core techniques to banish weight and keep it off for life!
• ... and much more!

Every Belly Off! tip and technique has been developed and road-tested by real guys and proven by clinical research! The Belly Off! Diet & Fitness Plan synthesizes their best, most effective strategies into a practical, do-able program built for real-life men on real-life schedules.

Inside this one-of-a-kind guide, you'll find all the tools you need to lose your gut forever and build the body you've always wanted – no matter what your body type, fitness level, or goal.

Well said.

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