Tuesday, April 13, 2010

See What A Life Of Fighting Poverty Will Get You?

For Morris Dees, it will buy him a very nice and expensive house that's being showcased in an online magazine.

It really is a very nice abode. Expensive too. From my time in construction, most of what was done is pretty much custom designed with the remodel. Add to that the interior decorating and you are looking at some serious coinage.

I must be doing it wrong.  Instead of blogging for free, I'm going to start some left wing foundation to fight poverty.  Why not?  There will always be people poorer than me.  While I can't do anything about that personally, I can pretend to care about the poor.  Then I can fleece guilt wealthy liberals into donating to my cause.  Besides, Morris Dees has been doing for years and there is still poverty.  He needs the help.

Foundation for Economic Progress. Our mission statement is to help bring awareness and social justice to the poor and needy from being crushed by a system that's socially and politically designed to keep them in a permanent underclass.

Then maybe I'll have a house like this with a custom pool and lounge area.  But mine will have a disco ball.

More pictures are ready for viewing here.

Via The Corner.

RELATED: The Corner linked to this but I couldn't pass it up. Blue on Blue action. It's fantastic.

I’ve written in the past on various occasions about Morris Dees, head of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the bogus “civil rights organization” whose chief (and wildly successful) mission has been to separate wealthy liberals from their money. Last time I checked, the SPLC had more than $150 million in its treasury, more than the GNP of some of the world’s smaller countries, yet it did very little work to advance civil rights or fight poverty.

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