Sunday, May 16, 2010

Republicans Need To Take Notes On How To Run A Campaign Commercial From This Guy

He makes me want to drive down to Alabama and vote for him. All I would need to do is say that the SEIU sent me. Then I would be able to vote twice.*

His campaign site is here.

*Joke shamelessly stolen from the comments at The Other McCain where I found the video.


  1. Yeah, but I wonder what he is really thinking?

    Ha! Not really. I'm not a liberal.

    I wonder why more Republicans do not do this? Is it because there really are no more conservative Republicans, all having been indoctrinated politically, "educationally", and "socially" so that even if they had conservative notions they are now embarrassed by them? Dunno, but it is good to see one out there.

  2. I think too many want to be polite and not rock the boat..

    Go for civil discourse or something..


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