Friday, June 11, 2010

Barney Frank: "Give Us More Authority"

Via Real Clear Politics.

To be fair, Republican do this as well from time to time. Paint their opposition in broad strokes if only to set them up as easy targets to knock down. And most of the time they have legitimate reasons to paint their target as such. But not to the level of rhetoric that liberals use.

Progressives and liberals like to prop up caricatures of what they think a
Republican is in their mind and then have a two minute hate session. Think Emmanuel Goldstein from 1984. I know I've used that analogy before but it's an apt example. Which is where you get Whoopi Goldberg asking John McCain if he wants to bring back slavery.

And even here. With Barney Frank talking about how the Republican party has moved "so far to the right" (laughable in it's own right) that the Republicans will start
dumping motor oil into the rivers as soon as they are in power again. Or something.* All to the cheers and whoops of the useless idiots in the room.

Needless to say, this man does not need anymore power ceded to Congress and the President.

*As for damage to the environment, Captain Kick-Ass has been sitting on his hands for almost 2 months now with a non-stop oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. But that's another posting for another day.

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