Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are The Republicans Getting A Clue?

The Magic 8 Ball says "All Signs Point Yes".

Not sure if the Tea Party's message about fiscal responsibility* is getting through but I think the RNC is learning how to use the New Media.

The first ad plays to the base more than anything.

That was a piece of white bread as an appetizer. The red meat of the entrée is here. This is a good great example of messaging.

Who knew at the .47 second mark, Barack Obama was such a Larry the Cable Guy fan?

It's effective because it uses what the progressive members of the US Government say as a juxtaposition with things Ronald Reagan said. I only wish they more clearly identified the members of Congress in the video.

*Most of the Republicans were following the lead of George W. Bush with the government spending. Not a defense for them but more of an indictment of not having a spine to stand up to the defacto leader of the party. W's was not a conservative. At some point, the social liberalism aspects of Compassionate Conservatism will outweigh the fiscal conservatism aspects.

**Wow, reviewing this and I noticed quite a few tangents. Where's my Ritalin?

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