Friday, September 10, 2010

Ten Buck Friday Winner

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

It was a bloodbath. Rev. Stephen Broden won for this week's TBF poll.

So to pause a moment to reflect what TBF is all about.  At the end of each week, instead of a bottle of Maker's Mark whiskey, consider a bottle of Maddog 20/20 and send the difference to Steven Broden or to another conservative candidate of your choice.  Ten bucks is merely a guideline, not a rule so please give more if you can. 

And specify Ten Buck Friday on the form if you donate online please.

Related:  Interestingly enough, I was about to publish this when Bob's published his notice about TBF.  Beat me to it by about 10 minutes.


  1. Hey...what can I say?....I'm that good.

    Thanks for the late link love.

  2. Bob, always happy to be of service.


    Anything to help spread the word.


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