Friday, November 19, 2010

This Is Why Primaries Matter

So this doesn't happen.

Virginia Republicans overwhelmingly want George Allen to be their candidate for the Senate in 2012. 46% say he'd be their pick with the second (and unlikely) choice of Eric Cantor falling all the way back at 18%. 16% would like Ken Cuccinelli and then there's very little support for the remaining options given- 4% for Bill Bolling and Tom Davis and only 2% for Bob Marshall.

George Allen had his chance and lost it. Not for the made up word, 'Macaca'. But by voting for pretty much anything that came down the pipeline regarding big government spending. It signals to me that he's "More Of The Same" when it comes to growing the government when it should be the other way around.

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If any of the Tea Party endorses Allen, then that will answer the question of who is still standing on principles and who has been co-opted by the GOP.

*This was being passed out at the Tea Party Convention a couple of months ago here in Richmond, VA. At the very same time George Allen was speaking during a Q & A forum. As for why he was there? I can only speculate that the organizers wanted someone who has been in DC and has seen the sausage making first hand. And Allen may have been returning a favor to some of the higher ups in the Tea Party who has worked for him in the past.


  1. I'm no more reflexively anti-Allen than anti-Romney. In both cases, if they demonstrate that they have listened to the calls for Federalist reform, I *could* support them.
    However, if DaveC were on the ticket. . .

  2. I would fail the test for dictators.

    "Would you be willing to give up power?"


    So do I win for honesty?


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