Monday, November 29, 2010

The Walking Dead: Consequences And Retribution

For those of you have been following along so far, you know the drill.

*** Something about spoilers below the fold ***

It started out dealing with the fallout of the zombie attack at the end of last week's episode. The blond girl is sitting vigil over her sister's corpse, waiting for her to 'reanimate' as a walker. In time for her to say goodbye and put a bullet through her brain. No need to double tap with head trauma like that.

After some bickering, the main group decides to head out to the CDC. Stopping along the way to say goodbye to Jim and leave him on the side of the road. He was bit in last week's episode and was fading fast. Which was kind of sad. Jim was one of the few who was developing as a character. And a likable one at that.

The show then cuts to a video diary of some guy in a bunker. It becomes clear he's a doctor in an underground lab who has been working one a cure for the virus when he mucks up his last viable sample that day. The automated safeguard kicks in and flame throwers whip out of the wall and burns down his remaining samples. Boom, no more research. He's to the point of musing about suicide on his video diary when our group of survivors start to bang on the door of the CDC and he lets them in.

And that was how it ended.

It got a little bit better this week. Again, there was the character development right up the point where they left Jim on the side of the road.

They should have given up on Atlanta and the CDC altogether.

I was right about the rag-tag looking convoy. They left their campground just like I said. When there was an entire car mall less than a mile away from them on the freeway. Free for the taking.

Next week is the finale for the season. I'm giving up on predictions for next week, save for this one: The CDC guy will be 'suddenly' free from any scruples and sees his new guests as potential test subjects. Because it's all for the greater good.

And that's my final guess for the series. My only accurate guess was one made for purely visual effect. The lone convoy driving down the road. Wouldn't do any good for the remaining survivors to have anything reliable to drive. Where is the drama in that?

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  1. Hey, I have another little 'error' for you - in Episode 1, when the deputies intercept the fleeing vehicle and are about to shoot it out with the occupants of it, the lead says 'take your safeties off', and you see a deputy diligently move to flip off the slide safety.....on his Glock pistol. :)) Don't know who their technical adviser was, but there were a few glitches.



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