Monday, January 24, 2011

BREAKING: The Ballerina Is Out? Updated.

Rahm Emanuel is tossed off the ballot.

Someone is getting a dead fish in the mail.

Via Ace.
Update: As funny as this may sound, it might not be a good thing that Rahm has been tossed off the ballot. It paves the way for Carol Moseley Braun.

Walter Todd Huston has this via Robert Stacy:

Emanuel will certainly take this case to the Illinois Supreme Court with the hopes that they can get an expedited case.

Rahm had won two other cases in lower courts. The Chicago Board of Elections and a Cook County court sided with Emanuel in previous decisions.

At that point, it will became a watching a game where you don't care which team will win, you only root for injuries.*

*Metaphorically speaking, naturally.

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  1. Now we know why he is/has been expert at dancing around issues.


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