Saturday, April 9, 2011

And Now: Cowboy Poetry!

Since Congress passed their stop-gap and things have settled down
I have no idea the Cowboy Poetry Fest will still be around
Here is a sample or three of what one might hear.
Because Cowboy Poetry isn't going anywhere.

The subject of tonight's poems is one Baxter Black.
As you can see, he's quite good. He ain't no hack.
With humor and insight, he speaks his lines.
And with his lexicon dexterity, makes them rhyme.

Enough with the intros and my yabbering.
Let's get to what you came for, Baxter's jabbering.
A real life cowboy poet dealing with a range of issues,
Starting out with when you're on a horse and a lack of tissues.

Another one from Mr. Black, if you want to hear
About his dog. I dare you not to shed a tear.

About his dog. I dare you not to shed a tear.

Lastly, my favorite of his in this celebration,
What he recited at my wife's graduation.
So maybe it's the sentimental value attached to the verse.
How simple it is when mine are so much worse.

People Are Funny Critters

People are funny critters.
There's apple pie bakers,
And crooked book makers,
And blondes and brunetters,
And birthday forgetters,
And chicken fry lovers,
And blue eyed soul brothers,
And drinkers and boozers,
And winners and losers,
And elephant trainers,
And tireless campaigners,
And fixers and menders,
And paper clip benders,
And goers and stayers,
And pinochle players,
And handkerchief users,
And tissue abusers,
And interstate bikers,
And wilderness hikers,
And joggers and addicts,
And handball fanatics,
And kissers and tellers,
And friends of the fellers,
And lovers and fighters,
And finger nail biters,
And mayonnaise dippers,
And miracle whippers,
And newspaper readers,
And drivers and speeders,
And overweight hookers,
And magazine lookers,
And people with answers,
And bottomless dancers,
And quivering flunkers,
And basketball dunkers,
And readers and thinkers,
And double scotch drinkers,
And soda straw manglers,
And bar napkin stranglers,
And teasers and triers,
And high rolling flyers,
And uncles and sisters,
And passive resisters,
And virtuous girlies,
And sillies and squirlies,
And weirdoes and sickies,
And five dollar quickies,
And xylophone pickers,
And popsicle lickers,
And yawners and nappers,
And one handicappers,
And zippy old timers,
And lunatic rhymers.
People are funny critters.

by Baxter Black

This concludes tonight's session of our Cowboy Poetry Slam.
Remember this, should Congress find itself in a budgetary jam.
That private citizens can do just as well organizing this stuff,
Because when the government steps in, we've all have had enough.

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