Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Video: In Where A Liberal Shrieking Harpy's Video Makes The Exact Opposite Point She Intended

During the Netroots/Right Online dueling conventions last weekend, failed Air America radio host Nicole Sandler confronts James O'Keefe then posts this.

For whatever reason, I don't know why. It's not as if she pegged O'Keefe in a lie. She's fixated on the pimp costume that O'Keefe wore when he was promoting his ACORN sting videos.

Which really is a non-issue. The heart of the matter of the ACORN videos was that they were actively helping O'Keefe and Hannah Giles in setting up their 'brothel'. With underage illegal aliens. Which wasn't an issue with any of ACORN offices ("Let's see. . . Form 42B. That should cover 'House of ill-repute and Tax Shelter'. Thank you for stopping by ACORN").

The issue of the pimp costume is about as relevant to the perv knocking on Chris Hanson's door and saying that he's in the clear because there actually wasn't a 14 year old boy at the house.

But they fixating on the costume thinking that if they bust O'Keefe on the costume, it renders the rest of the videos moot. But it's not a chain of evidence where if one link breaks the chain is gone. It's a braided rope where if a strand breaks, the rest of the videos are still attached. It shouldn't matter what O'Keefe or Giles wore. The truth of the matter was the trained staff reacted the same way when asked for help in setting up a tax shelter for the brothel.

None of that matters to Ms. Sandler who insists herself upon O'Keefe. Her liberalism is a mental disorder and her ears can't hear or understand that.

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  1. He calls her out very calmly on the brothel bit & she totally botches it.


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