Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is this redistribution?

UAW workers to get $5K contract bonus; tier 2 to get pay bump
Christina Rogers/ The Detroit News
General Motors Co. will give its hourly workers a $5,000 signing bonus, if they approve a tentative contract agreement reached by the company and the United Auto Workers union Friday night, people familiar with the pact said Saturday.

Under the agreement, GM also has agreed to reopen its Spring Hill, Tenn. plant; base profit-sharing checks on North American profits, rather than on U.S. earnings; and give entry-level workers a $2-$3 an hour increase. Those so-called tier two employees, who are paid $14-$16 an hour, will be boosted to $16-$19 an hour

From The Detroit News:$5K-contract-bonus--tier-2-to-get-pay-bump#ixzz1YKMdO4H6

Anyone else a little ticked off about this other than myself?

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  1. Yepper, Just like a government entity, rewarding itself with big bucks despite operating in the red under US taxpayer bailouts.


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