Friday, November 18, 2011

The Righteous Rant Of The Day*

*To borrow a quill from Brer Bob's ink pot,

Today's rant goes to Jeff G. of Protein Wisdom and why being a pundit never means having to say you're sorry.

To recap: those of us who were apoplectic about the debt ceiling deal Boehner brokered to save us from a “default” and a credit downgrade, are now living with a debt downgrade, no real cuts in entitlement spending, a President able to work his campaign message, and significant cuts in defense spending that the Democrats will blame on Republicans whose desire to protect “the rich” by resisting “revenue increases” has made the nation vulnerable militarily.

Please read the whole thing.

What's puzzling to me was the support Boehner received during the budget deal from the rank and file when most everyone else could see what he was walking into.

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