Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mayor McCheese 1, San Fransisco Board Of Supervisors 0

The government acts, the private industry reacts.

On Thursday, Dec. 1, the city's de facto ban of the Happy Meal commences. San Francisco has accomplished what the Hamburglar could not. Or has it?

In order to include a toy with a meal, restaurants must now comply with city-generated nutritional standards. Those are standards that even the "healthier" Happy Meals McDonald's introduced earlier this year don't come close to meeting.
[. . .]
It turns out San Francisco has not entirely vanquished the Happy Meal as we know it. Come Dec. 1, you can still buy the Happy Meal. But it doesn't come with a toy. For that, you'll have to pay an extra 10 cents.

Huh. That hardly seems to have solved the problem (though adults and children purchasing unhealthy food can at least take solace that the 10 cents is going to Ronald McDonald House charities).

Read the rest to see the obvious elephant in the room. Nothing is said about the parent's responsibility to say, "No" to their kids.

So that leaves only the city to look out for the kids who can't help but eat only at McDonalds. And if McDonalds is able to skirt the law and still offer a Happy Meal then there is only one thing (via Hot Air) to take left to do

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